Happiness Journal…

I first heard this idea on Oprah! Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray, Love (one of my favourite books) was a guest on the show and she was talking about how at the end of each day, she wrote down her happiest moment. She joked about how it helped her let go of all the million little crappy moments that crammed her day!! I loved the idea!! Isn’t it wonderful to have something happy to hold on to at the end of a long hard day? How many times have I held on to those crappy moments and forgotten the happy ones? Too often that’s for sure! So this is my way of holding on to those moments that have brought me joy. Not all of them will be earth-shatteringly ‘Titanic’ scale happy but that doesn’t matter! So often I find joy in the tiny seemingly insignificant details…the bus I caught in the nick of time, an early cuppa that has miraculously turned out just right (believe me even black coffee is tough to get right on some bleary-eyed mornings!), getting a cab in the pouring rain, a good book…the list goes on. The other reason is that I wanted to get back to writing again. I loved it as a child (way back when!) and was not bad at it or so I was led to believe 😉 I recently started working with a very dear friend as an editor and am enjoying it immensely! It has brought back all the joy associated with books in general (always LOVED them) and writing in particular.

And so here I go…wish me luck! It’s 11.42am and my happiest moment for the day so far has been starting this blog! Have been putting it off for so long – I feel fantastic at having finally done it! Took me all of 5 min to actually get started too! Isn’t it weird how the things you think are most difficult seem like a piece of cake once you get started? It happens to me all the time – I procrastinate endlessly until a looming deadline scares the hell out me and then turn into a hysterical maniac!! I blame it on good old laziness and also the fact that I’m convinced I do my best work under pressure! True as that might be, it’s terribly stressful. But this journal is not about resolutions – so I won’t make any…yet! Another happy moment – took a mid-week break from the gym and have managed not to stuff myself all morning while working! An achievement worthy of the Nobel Prize in Restraint!!

2 thoughts on “Happiness Journal…

  1. I totally empathize with you when it comes to the procrastination part. Laziness is also the reason there aren’t many posts on my blog inspite of starting it nearly two and a half years back, and I love to write. I guess we should all do what you suggest – pen down our thoughts the moment they are fresh in our minds, instead of waiting till the urge to write goes away. Good post to start with! I think you should repost the poems from your previous blog here. And here’s hoping you continue blogging here for good now. No breaks allowed. 😀

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