Sugar & Spice!

This morning I spent two happy hours with a dear friend. While we caught up, her daughter and two friends played together as only 9 yr old girls can 🙂

These are the last few days before school begins and their single-minded focus on pleasure and enjoyment was delightful! They were excited and happy to be with each other and it showed! No pretense here! They sang, danced, watched DVDs, ate enormous quantities of food and squealed with joy while doing so! It was enchantingly refreshing! Girl-power at its sweetest best!

Watching them brought back fond memories of my own childhood (so long ago!) Oh to be that carefree and innocent again! I wish them many more such days filled with the innocent joys of childhood – song and dance, food and friends, parties and sleepovers, soft toys and bicycles, Hannah Montana and High School Musical…and yes a bit of school too 😉

When I said goodbye, they were all cuddled up in my friend’s four-poster watching a movie and a long-forgotten but familiar rhyme resonated somewhere within…

“What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice, and everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of!”


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