Lightning Strikes Twice!!

Yesterday I watched in complete awe and disbelief as Usain Bolt smashed Michael Johnson’s long-standing world record in the 200 metres. When asked before the race, whether he thought Bolt would break his record, CNN reported that Michael Johnson ‘didn’t think Bolt was ready yet.’ And yet there he was – Mr. Lightning, making it look ridiculously easy, effortlessly relaxed – a Michael Phelps of the Athletics world!

What an ATHLETE!! And funny too – after winning, he pulled off his glittering gold sneakers (never seen anything like them before!), draped the Jamaican flag around that tall, sinewy frame and did his funky chicken dance – almost as good as the actual run if not better 😉 The crowd adored him and he obviously enjoys being in the spotlight! A born performer!

I had watched him set the track ablaze when he set a new world record in the 100 metres to become the ‘fastest man on the planet’ but then to do the double, let me channel Mr. Reshamiyya here, SUPERB!! AMAZING!! FANTASTIC!! MIND BLOWING!!

He ran the 100 metres in 9.69 seconds and the 200 metres in 19.30 seconds!! I mean what is 10 sec for Pete’s sake? I get up in the morning and stretch for a whole minute before I can even contemplate moving, forget run anywhere! It got me to thinking – what CAN I do in 10 sec? Hmm….let me think…yawn – yup can do a 10 sec and a 20 sec yawn comfortably – in fact am pretty good at that! Wonder if they have an Olympic medal for yawning! Surf 20 TV channels -such a useful skill, believe me! Blink rapidly about 15 times (yes I really did time myself!) – very easy, entirely useless and utterly boring! Click my fingers 8 times, get the treadmill started – yeah, I think I can manage to do that in 10 sec…

Today he turns 22 – and what a way to celebrate! World and Olympic record holder in the double, the first man in history to break both world records at one Olympics, and the first man to win both the 100 and 200 metres events at the same Olympics since Carl Lewis in 1984!


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