Today was another one of those days, when I spent a zillion hours talking on the phone! My head is still spinning from all the talk (not that I didn’t enjoy every minute!). Is that why I thought of a quiet space – a retreat, a haven, a sanctuary? I’m not sure – it just kind of came to me. I guess my ‘self’ knows what I need and when, better than I ever will!

So here goes…

Deep within my quiet heart,
Is a safe and gentle place,
Where I retreat to hurt and heal,
In my secret, personal space.

Here I am nurtured when I break,
Cherished, harboured from disgrace,
Here I find my missing sparkle,
In Love’s warm, tender embrace.

Here my spirit comes to be tended,
Lovingly made strong and whole,
Here my soul comes to be mended,
Blessed, nourished and extolled.

In this blissful peace of mind,
I find my heaven, haven I find,
Solitude and benediction,
My sanctuary, My conviction.

– Harsha

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2 thoughts on “‘Sanctuary’

  1. H is for Happiness and H is for Harsha.So Harsha is for Happiness.Loved your poem.Made me think of my mother in whose eyes I was always the best.I feel everyone of us should nurture such a spot in our mind,which i would like to call the Mother corner where we can retreat anytime to be embrased by that eternal mother in our mind. No questiones asked , no judgements made.To heal,to pamper ,to make us strong once again to face the world.A beautiful idea for all of us .Hope to share your thoughts in future too.nanni

  2. I so agree with you Nanni! I know I trouble my mother endlessly and yet she loves me effortlessly, securely and completely! And though I hadn’t really thought of that while I wrote this…you made me think of it! I guess for many people, their mother is their sanctuary 🙂

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