I wasn’t thinking of anything or anyone particular, when this poem occurred to me, or maybe I was and just didn’t know it! Now that I read it, I think I must have been thinking of my Mom & my Granny – both women I love and admire immensely but don’t often let it show! Role models in every way. Women of independent spirit – wise, brave, opinionated, strong, kind, elegant and graced with dignity.

Aai & Mamma, this one is for you…


Today, I met a woman,
Her head bowed in grace,
Quiet eyes and gentle sighs,
Solitude lined her face.

I watched her move mountains,
Her back straight and proud,
Her long and restless fingers,
Often caressed my brow.

Marriages and children,
Family and friends,
Shadows on her gentle face,
Alone in the end.

Years of wisdom wrapped in love,
Journeying stormy seas,
Beauty and courage on wings of a dove,
Her spirit forever free.

– Harsha

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