Rock On!!!

Just back, from what for me, is definitely the “Movie of the Year’. I went with high expectations and the movie did not disappoint!

This movie really blew me away with its abundance of TALENT. The script and dialogue – fantastic, the acting – sensitive and controlled, the music – SUPERLATIVE, the editing taut, the direction – apt. A beautifully made movie to be savoured like a fine vintage! The last time I lost it like this over a movie was way back for Dil Chahta Hai – unsurprisingly, Farhan Akhtar’s debut as a director! And here he is again – this time with his acting and singing debut – brilliant! Kudos to this young Powerhouse of Talent.

Yet for me the sensitive, angst-ridden Joe, portrayed by Arjun Rampal (looking HOT,HOT, HOT!!) in the performance of a lifetime, is the piece-de-resistance! He becomes Joe Mascarenhas – guitarist par excellence, dreamy, principled, protective and conflicted. Shahana Goswami as Debbie his wife, is the perfect foil to his down-and-out Joe. She’s a no-nonsense kind of gal, who’s sacrificed her dreams to work in the family fish business, put food on the table and pay the bills, struggling to keep her family afloat. In one of my favourite scenes (there are too many to count!) she’s complaining to Joe, “I can never get rid of this damn fish smell from my hands!” Another is when she goes to meet Farhan’s character Aditya, to tell him to stop ‘spinning-castles-in-the-air’ for Joe, ’cause what they need, is for him to have a steady job not unrealistic expectations. “The shards of those broken promises, will affect my life,” she says, “my life and my son’s, not yours. Please, let him go Aditya.” Great scene, great dialogue, great acting!

Luke Kenny and Purab Kohli shine as ‘Rob’ the keyboard player and ‘KD’, short for ‘Killer Drummer’ 🙂 Prachi Desai, whom I previously knew, only as the ever-suffering ‘Bani’ in the TV serial ‘Kasam Se’, shows she can indeed act and redeems herself as Sakshi Shroff, Aditya’s wife and the catalyst serving to reunite the band, for one last Hurrah. I love the scene where she rather hesistangly, haltingly croons ‘Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye’, while husband Aditya watches, silently supporting her, eyes brimming with pride and love – very sweetly done!

The band is ‘Magik’, as its members say because, “We’re all in it together!” I agree, it’s all of them, together, creating movie-magic! This movie renews my faith in ‘Bollywood’, perhaps all is not lost after all and hope exists while such talent does. It’s a good feeling 🙂

3 Cheers for ‘Magik’, 3 Cheers for ‘Rock On’, Hip Hip Hurray!!!

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