Dear Mr.President…

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations, to you, your family and your country on your historic win! You did it! You finally did it – now the world can breathe again and so can I! You had me worried there for a while – especially when Ms. Palin entered the picture and whipped up such hysterical media-frenzy. I have never seen so much fuss made over so little substance – but such is the world we live in today. Be that as it may, you did it, you did it, you did it!!! Sorry if I sound a bit hysterical myself, I am not – just Happy and Hopeful, well yeah, maybe a little!

For me, your election is one of the defining moments of our times, a full circle moment not only for every African-American but for every human being, simply because of the message it offers – HOPE & FAITH! There is still Hope in this crazy, mad world – and there is renewed Faith now, that every once in a while, us crazy people, are capable of doing the right thing! About time too! Wasn’t born when JFK was assassinated and was a just a newborn when man walked on the moon, so am extremely proud to witness history being made today!

I know you’re not technically the President yet, but you might as well be, given the governance that your country has suffered through the last 8 years. When you first burst onto the scene 2 years ago, I had never heard of you. Not many Americans had either I’m guessing – and I’m not an American, nor do I live in the US. I’m an Indian doctor currently living in Singapore and my only connection to the US, besides family and friends that live there, is the tiny fact, that my spouse works for an American MNC – Procter & Gamble. So for me – the US economy collapsing the way it did is much more cause for worry than any wars your country chooses to fight, or not! I’m an Indian – wars and terrorism have long been a part of my life, whether I like it or not and I don’t.

Something about you intrigued me. Maybe it was your warm spirit and personality, more so in contrast to Hillary’s cold efficiency, or the fact that you share a wonderfully close bond with your family, or the dignified manner in which rose above the race issue and spoke only of America and Americans or that you ran a disciplined, positive campaign and surrounded yourself with a great team of advisers, that allowed me to believe you would indeed, make things better. I began to follow the campaign and your integrity and speeches floored me every time – not only the fact that they were extremely well-written (kudos to your speech-writer!) but also the way your eloquence made every word come alive! You believed in your message and that came through when you spoke.

You spoke of unity and change and sacrifice and working together in a bi-partisan manner to heal your country – and yes – I believed you! You came across as level-headed and calm, where your opponents seemed shrill and vindictive. I liked that you warned Americans of the tough road ahead, while still remaining upbeat and positive – cause it will be. A very tough road indeed, but if there is one thing I have learnt from my recent vacation to your fine country – it’s that if anyone can make it happen – Americans can!

The days ahead will be challenging, to say the least, and I wish you the Best of Luck for the monumental task ahead. Surround yourself with a loyal, efficient team and most importantly – LISTEN, to your citizens and especially to your detractors. PAY ATTENTION – please don’t sleepwalk through your terms in office like President Bush did. LEARN – there’s nothing wrong in making a mistake but everything wrong in repeating them over and over.

As a global citizen, I look forward to a wiser, saner, renewed and recharged US of A under your leadership. Once again, please accept my Congratulations on your historic victory! And now all that’s left to say – Carpe Diem!

With warm regards and best wishes,
Dr. Harsha Priolkar.

P.S. When in doubt consult Michelle! A huge part of the reason I believe in you and like you as much as I do is Michelle 🙂 Your choice of life partner assures me that you won’t screw up completely! I have admired Michelle from the first time I saw her. For her poise and dignity, her intelligence and warmth and most of all for her mix of playfulness and gravitas! She’s going to make one hell of a First Lady!

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