New Beginnings…

It feels surreal, coming as this post does after the last one titled Introspection! All that rumination & pondering – has brought about, what else – Change!

Life has and will continue to change this year. A change in location, a change in job and most importantly a change in family status!! Phew…deep breath in order! Strangely enough, amidst the chaos, is a quiet peace, like I’m in the ‘eye of the storm’, where inner calmness and sanity prevail!

So, I’m moving back, at age 40, to stay with my parents in Goa (I know, I know! But, it’s temporary or so I keep telling myself!), my husband has taken a break from a high-stress corporate job (no problem with this one!) and we welcome into our lives our newest family member – our son Ishaan (adore this one!). There – not so bad, now that I’ve actually written it down.

Oh I know, I know – it’s going to get absolutely insane before I regain any sense of control over my life – moving in with my parents after 17 years of total independence; becoming first-time parents; learning to do without a regular salary cheque! Man, it doesn’t rain – it pours!!

And yet it doesn’t worry me as much as I thought it would. Perhaps, it’s a sign that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be – going with the flow, aligning with the universe, as the self-help gurus love to say! Maybe it’s some miraculous wisdom that appears @ 40 😉 Or maybe, and this is my favourite, it’s my guardian angel, my brother, pulling strings, pushing me in the right direction; one that I couldn’t see for myself 🙂

Whatever it is – it feels right in my gut!

Here’s to New Beginnings!!

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