26 thoughts on “Double-petalled pink hibiscus @ Priol (our ancestral home)

  1. This was a major turnaround from that photo of that tick.

    It’s a great shot. Does the camera have a close up nature setting or did you have to spend time trying to get that one perfect shot?

    I think you got it.

    1. LOL…you can say that again!

      I have a point and shoot, a Sony DSC T-900 which so far has given me no reason to complain. This is taken in extreme close-up (my contribution) and the rest I left to the camera. However I must mention that my cousin who is a photographer edited it for sharpness. So credit to him too.

      Thanks for the compliment. It’s one of my favorites too 🙂 And special because the tree has now disappeared!

  2. Some of my favorite photographs that I’ve taken,are of buildings that I took a picture of (or a barn or old house) and weeks later went back and it was gone. It’s so sad, and i’m alwys so glad i have the picture-. This picture deserves a poem.Does it speek to you? I know that sounds silly..

    1. No, it doesn’t sound silly at all! But I must confess, I never thought of words to go with it…and it’s been a while since I took that pic. They may come to me now, but I’ll have to brood first! Please feel free to write something if it comes to you. I would love to read that 🙂

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