Learning Curves

These days it seems like I’m on several…all at once. What is it they say…”When it rains, it pours!”

So, here I am, one, trying to cope with living in a big sprawling house filled to its teeth with stuff (i’m being kind here…it’s mostly junk!), most of it, not mine!

Two, trying to make said house livable for our family, which involves renovations, which involves service-men, which means agony as I’ve mentioned in practically every chance I get! Oh and by the by, every person should try getting rid of stuff (read junk again!) that belongs to their parents…every once in a while – excellent lessons to be learnt in the art of diplomacy, patience and perspectives!

A conversation usually goes something like this.

“Mama, I really think we can let that vessel go!”

“Arre beta, lets keep it for Ishaan (my son)! See, it’s just the right size to make his fish curry in!” At this point, I’m already cursing the poor fish in my head!

“Mom, we have a dozen vessels that’ll fit the bill! We don’t need another one!!” By this time, when I’m working myself up to a steam, over a damned vessel (for God’s sake!), she plays the emotional card to perfection.

“But it was a gift from so and so! What will she think? Why are you getting so worked up about one little vessel? We have so many, what does one more matter?” Which brings me back to “Exactly! We have so many, why keep one more?” And so it goes, on and on…

Three, follows from two – trying to find a way to peacefully co-exist with one aging acerbic matriarch of a granny, one indecisive mother, and last but certainly not the least, a distant father who for the most part, rules our lives, while living in a parallel universe, all his own!!

Four, learning to be a ‘Mom’ (I don’t care what anyone says, it does not come naturally, well, not to me!) to my 18 month old toddler boy, who could easily be the devil incarnate 😉 he’s so naughty! And though he brings great joy, he also brings much exhaustion and leaves much destruction in his wake!

Need I go on?? What? you thought that was it? Think again…

Four, learning to live with a husband who’s always around!! Oh come now, you what I’m talking about! In a space of 4 odd months, he’s gone from being ‘husband in absentia’ to ‘always-present pain in the butt’,  who thinks he’s mastered the art of running a household and is plagued by the need to point out how everything that needs doing, can be done better, quicker, simpler, if we would only listen to him!! Of course the fact that I’ve run the household for the last 17 years, all comes to naught! ‘Coz hey, what do I know?

Five, re-learning how to live in the country and state I once called home. A place that is now vaguely familiar at best. Some things have changed for the better while others remain unchanged. Friends who have been here for years, have their own circles of life, their own set patterns, that I have to try and weave my life around and into, if I want meaningful social interaction. Most of my friends work, drive and live across the river in the more civilized city of Panjim. I live across the Mandovi in Porvorim, which is sort of like living in limbo, neither here nor there, and what used to a 10 minute drive to Panjim city now takes a good half hour and that’s on the good days! And I don’t drive yet, which makes me a virtual prisoner in my home! If there’s anything worse than Goa’s servicemen, it’s the abysmal state of its public transport system. In this one way, it reminds me of small-town USA, where no vehicle is kind of synonymous with no life!

So there, what do you think? Wanna switch? HEY! Where are you running off to? Aaaaaaaw…come now…don’t be like that 😉

3 thoughts on “Learning Curves

  1. As i read this, i marvel at how far you have come. Sure, you may say that you still have the same set of ‘problems’ but look at how much better you’re coping! Kudos to you my friend *hugs*

    1. Aaaaaaaaaw Aarti…thank you honey!! You are right, the problems remain but I think i’m getting a handle on them…certainly some more than others over this past year. Hugs right back at you girl 🙂

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