Virtually Addicted!!

So, have you guessed yet what this post is going to be about? I think the title is pretty clever, even if I do say so myself 😉 I was going to call it Virtual Reality until I realized it was time to face up to the fact that it was way beyond that, it was an addiction, any darn way I chose to look at it 😉

I’ve always been a tech-freak, rejoicing in exploring new gadgets and their myriad reasons for existence. Seriously, the things some of these gizmos can do, it’s a wonder, human beings have anything left to do at all…except perhaps invent sleeker, smarter, prettier ones! So, it’s no big deal that I embraced the advent of computers in general and the World Wide Web in particular, with wildly welcoming arms 🙂 And unlike so many ‘humans’ who have let me down when welcomed in similar fashion (you know who you are or maybe not :P), these NEVER have (well very very rarely) and from the way in which they have taken over my life, I would have to seriously consider ending it, if they ever do 😉 They now have a hold on me that is frightening at times but not one I would consider loosening any time soon, you understand. This is one addiction I thoroughly enjoy, revel in, wallow in (that’s the word I was looking for, even if it’s something buffaloes do ;-))

After moving back to Goa, this virtually real world, is what has sustained me through the craziness of the other one -relocating from the 1st world into the 3rd, moving back in with old parents, and settling down in a house that was built well nigh 30 years ago, with junk, junk everywhere!! I had forgotten the penchant for hoarding that is a hallmark of, well, most Indian households, especially those with an old Granny in them :P. You may wonder how – research mostly – on movers; how to get rid of junk; where can I get Davidoff coffee in Goa?; is there a decent book store?; what about schools?; where’s the best Mexican food?; where can I go when I’m sick of the beach?; the Web has an answer for every question I can think of and a lot more that I never imagined, which is oddly comforting coz it instantly tells you, doesn’t it, that you are not alone (something every human being seems terrified of!). It offers you security in a group of people, who have gone through the same stuff you have and got through it and that seems to hold out the promise of light at the end of your particular tunnel! Such a relief! So research mostly yes, but think also brainless, soothing activity courtesy Farmville & the like 😉 There, that explains all those nuisance posts on your walls about harvesting, sharing fuel and neighbour requests, that had you guys wondering about my sanity!! Guilty as charged! The planet just seems like a better place, when you are on your farm, planting your peas and sunflowers, harvesting your wheat, feeding your virtual pets and chickens and earning points from visiting virtual neighbours (the only kind worth having! Trust me!) 🙂 It’s therapeutic 🙂 You wouldn’t grudge an old girl her therapy now that I’ve explained, would you? Good people 🙂

The Net has and continues to nurse me through my tentative parenting. The number of sites on the subject is truly mind-boggling and rather indicative I think of the simple fact that there is no one right way of bring up children, no one size fits all approach can work here for obvious reasons. They do however make for some very entertaining reads 🙂 It is also my escape on those innumerable occasions when life becomes unlivable (think Farmville again – I’m telling you, these virtual crops are powerful healers ;-)) and offers solace in virtual friendships when the sight of another human being would send me off the deep end (you know the feeling!).

It has allowed me a space in which to express myself without fear and yet connect with people. Although this took a while, I do believe that while the written word is powerful, the advantage is that it’s intent is open to interpretation. Yes, misinterpretation too, but nothing’s perfect! If you don’t know the author personally (which most of us don’t), you can pretty much interpret the writing, thoughts and ideas any which way that suits you best! That is why the same book means different things to different people. Right? Similarly, writing for the sake of writing and not for a particular audience, can be liberating, it certainly has been for me! I pick a topic I like or dislike, depending on my mood, and you either read it or not depending on yours. Fair exchange. This is by no means unique to the virtual world, except perhaps for the speed with which things can and do happen here.

I particularly enjoy the anonymity this world offers me, I do. I come and go as I wish, visiting friends and places, without them ever having to know, if I so wish! Yup, I know there’s a down side to this one – others are doing the same to me, but what’s that old saying – ‘what you don’t know can’t hurt you’. So in my best optimist fashion, I just choose to believe that if I’m careful (which I am) and alert (which I also am) I’ll be alright.

So my particular addiction in the tradition of all addictions, offers me Liberty, a breaking of shackles, in my case, of the tedium of daily routine!! Now, you tell me, how can I not love something that offers me all of these things while asking for nothing in return 😉  So, there, you have it…my name is xyz (really, what’s in a name?) and I’m virtually addicted and for now, that’s how it stays!!

Monday morning people…go find yourselves a good wallow 😉

Until next time…

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