Invasion: Attack of the Fungi!

In my garden...

So, the Monsoons are now firmly entrenched in Goa (spit, spit!) and with the general improvements in temperature and scenery come pesky little creepy crawlies of all kinds and power outages! Read mosquitoes, centipedes, earthworms and all manner of bugs that now seem to be crawling out of the woodwork…ugh!! The bathroom is a favorite place…and just the other day, I caught sight of a centipede wiggling across the door frame, blissfully unaware of my terrorized shrieking!! They must be deaf! As for mosquitoes, what can I say? Suffice it to say, that if ‘Mosquito-Swatting’ was an Olympic sport, Goans would be Champions – hands down!! Every last one of us!! For all of Goa’s verdant beauty (and it is quite exquisite in the Monsoons), we live in a mosquito-paradise, constantly engaged in a battle of one-upmanship with our insect-citizens!! For the most part, it’s a losing battle, and although Malarial deaths are on the decline, it is still endemic and a major public health issue for the Government.

But this post is about that other visitor who shows up uninvited on the doorstep every Monsoon – my very own, friendly neighborhood, dearly beloved Fungus!! (Well, mold actually, if you want to be all scientific, but I don’t! Besides ‘Attack of the Mold’ lacks punch!). Now before you go thinking, I’m some kind of fungus-hating, deranged monster, let me tell you, I’m not! No really, I love fungi – the edible variety are at the very top of my favorite-foods list (can you feel the love people?); and mushrooms (apparently the most poisonous ones are prettiest, rather like us humans?!), growing in the stump of some rotting tree, on a fallen log, or in my garden are welcome subjects for my camera lens. But fungi in the house – NO!! Any place, anytime – NO!! Under sauce caps, in bathrooms, on shoes, inside drawers, on food – NO!!

So, as I was saying, the other day, I was changing handbags (It’s a woman thing! I’ve never known a guy to change his wallet ever, certainly not mid-week, nor as a fashion pre-requisite, unless it’s to discard and replace its old and tattered predecessor ;-)) and there he was! (I refer to fungi in the masculine, ‘coz that’s the gender I use by default for things that piss me off ;-)) I keep my handbags well wrapped up in their felt covers and in the coolest place I can find in my wardrobe, but do what I may, there he is – like the proverbial bad penny, all over my Michael Kors, leaving me pulling out my hair in consternation!! (taking a minute here, suiting the action to the word). Feeling better already – never underestimate the therapeutic benefits of rage, people! Anyway, so there he is, whitish-yellowish-greenish fuzz, enveloping the soft maroon skin of the handbag. He’s everywhere, the tenacious little bugger…on the shoulder-strap, on the metallic fixtures and sprawled out on its maroon belly…UGH!!! I check my other bags and sure enough…there he is, nascent in some but active in others! Then I remember the shoes…encased in their plastic, supposedly moisture-proof boxes (well the more expensive ones are) and sure enough, what do I find? The whole bloody family’s moved in for the Monsoons! UuuuuuuuGH!!!

Sigh…it’s a losing battle, there’s a whole lot of them and just the one me! There’s nothing left to do, but get out the cleaning equipment a soft cloth and the leather polish again, and wonder how much of a respite, ‘Operation Clean-up’ will give me this time…not more than a couple of days if Icky Family Fungi have anything to do with it!

Sigh…off I go now, rag and polish in hand, to tackle the old enemy…

Happy Sunday people 🙂

2 thoughts on “Invasion: Attack of the Fungi!

  1. … mosquitoes, centipedes, earthworms and all manner of bugs …

    Madam, these maybe “pesky little creepy crawlies”, but these are the original inhabitants of THE place. Any place on Earth. We are all encroachers! Do fight them with all your might, but they will finally win!


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