Not a fun day…

So, here I am, up at 4.30 am this time thanks to the darling ‘munchkin’, and the another one of our constant power outages here in Goa!! Grrrrrrrrrrr….carried said ‘munchkin’ downstairs, where we have an inverter that keeps the electricity going, while hubby snored peacefully on (power outages routinely fail to awaken the sleeping giant!), waited while he whined and drank up his milk and then collapsed right back to into his ‘beauty’ sleep (I am convinced it’s a man thing!), by which time, I, of course, am wide awake with nowhere to go except of course my virtual world, which is never asleep!

So, here I am and not looking forward to today. It’s my worst kind of day – full of endless waiting in crowded, confined spaces with toddler in tow! Uh huh! We have an appointment at the Portuguese Consulate to get my son’s identity card (Billet) done and though we have an appointment, that apparently doesn’t matter at all! So while hubby, who could easily win the title of ‘Paperwork Guru’ (he’s in love with paper, certificates, xerox copies, notarized documents…you get the drift!), goes over at 7 am to stand in a queue until the Consulate opens at 9 am, my son & I have the luxury of eating a rushed breakfast, getting the infamous ‘toddler bag’ packed and rushing off to meet him there at 9.30 am. Then it’s waiting, waiting and more waiting for our token number to be called, so my by now harassed and completely disinterested toddler can get his picture and fingerprints taken, to go on the card!

Well…what’s got to be done, has got to be done and no amount of cribbing will make it easier (sure does make me feel better though!)…so am off now to get things started…will sign in again, when I’m sane, to let you guys know, how it all went…

The things we do for identity…Geez!

3 thoughts on “Not a fun day…

  1. damn these power outtages!
    so how did the crazy queue up go, munchkin must have been Fed up by the end of it.
    phat hugs!

    p.s: im going to be a regular blogger now so check in once daily 😉

    1. You know how when you expect the worst, actual reality doesn’t seem so bad? It was sort of like that! Will post in a bit! Have a hacking cough for which I cannot unfortunately blame the consulate 😉 And fabulous about the blog – you know I will :))

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