Dreaming silly!

I had a dream. Rather wacky, ‘coz I’m not the dreaming sort…any dreaming I do is done in the clear light of day, thank-you very much! I have enough trouble falling asleep as it is, without dreams to rob me of the little I do get!

This one was truly strange…I’m wandering about in my garden, the time is unclear, although what happens next, makes me think it’s probably meal-time, logically. I’m leaning towards lunch-time, for no particular reason. Do dreams follow logic? Well, whatever the time, I’m wandering in the garden (it has a very Alice in Wonderland kind of feel to it!), and come across a couple of women and some kids sitting around eating, as I said, what I assume is lunch. Don’t expect details…can’t remember a thing more than I’m putting down on paper (figuratively speaking that is). For some reason, unexplained and mysterious to me as much as to you, this really pisses me off! In the dream, you understand? Although, if I were to come across strangers having a picnic lunch in my garden, who’s to say, how I would react? Hopefully, we’ll never have to find out!

I start yelling at them, something fierce, like they were hardened criminals instead of garden-variety trespassers! One of the women tries to speak, probably to explain, possibly to apologize, but I’m well into my rant about basic manners, literacy levels and privacy laws! There’s no way she’s getting a word in edgewise! What privacy laws for heaven’s sake? This is Goa – Nothing’s Private! Anyway, when breathlessness forces me to pause, they pick themselves up, gather the food and the brats (they must be brats!) and leave silently…very dreamlike, just like they appeared! And…right on cue, my eyes are open wide but the rest of me is in a fugue (have been longing to use this word, ever since I read it recently on a friend’s blog!), scanning the room wildly for people hidden in the shadows! Very disorienting and rather scary. Also irritating ‘coz now I want to know what it means if anything. If I have to dream, why can’t it just be something easy to understand, like me holding a copy of my first book smiling giddily for the cameras, me on TV being interviewed for an outstanding debut novel…you get the drift? Easy peasy. But no, it has to be all symbolic and metaphorical, coded in some sort of secret dream language, undecipherable except to a lucky few…sigh.

This is one of those silly, little, embarrassing things that are a part of my life and that until now remained safely in my closet (That is one large closet people  ;-)), but not anymore. No indeed, all my silly stuff will now be out in the clear light of day (I’m kind of obsessed with the phrase right now. It will pass!), for you, friends and fellow dreamers, to laugh at in private and sympathize with in public 😉 Manners, people! Mustn’t forget those 😉 Do write in with any suggestions you may have about what all this means 🙂

Until then…Sweet Dreams people!

4 thoughts on “Dreaming silly!

  1. Who cares what it means. Dreams are where logic does not apply. Write your fiction based on it. Maybe it will lead to the dream you want to have about your novel? Wasn’t one of those ladies actually your classmate from elementary school, did she not marry your childhood sweetheart and was not that kid actually the handsomest little boy you laid eyes on with the sweetest smile. Was that not jealousy at what she has that made you drive her away from the garden you have ? Frankly, dreams make sense in an interesting, out of control way. Life is merely logical. Most of our lives at least…

    1. Interesting Priya. I agree dreams defy logic and are open to interpretation, which is why the same dream could mean different things to different people. Sometimes I feel my life defies all logic and is the most random thing going. I enjoy that feeling although usually in retrospect! It does mean having to live with chaos on a rather regular basis though, which can be exhasuting. Jealousy is something I find difficult to understand…I’ve discovered it’s a colossal waste of time, but its taken me a while to get to to that conclusion! I do think the stories I would most enjoy writing are good old-fashioned fantasy tales for kids…you know, full of magic and wonder and no logic for miles! Do you remember the Wishing Chair, The Faraway Tree…that kind of thing 🙂 Maybe it’s Ishaan’s influence or the fact that at heart I’m still a kid!

  2. it isn’t a silly dream babe, i totally caught the dream’s ideas as I read the blog.
    As I read it I realised, the irrational tantrums you kicked were probably latent thoughts. Remember how it was adjusting back to India, then Goa? Privacy has definitely been invaded..now that you live with your family, see your husband more and have a child (and we all know kids need 24 hour attention!). I think the fugue (he he) was typical of a dream..my dreams move at erratic paces..sometimes really slow-mo and sometimes akin to spinning around nonstop! thats just what makes dreams fascinating 🙂 hope i helped!

    1. You did! You always do 🙂 And now, I have my own personal dream-interpreter! Your spinning non-stop, reference made me think of Cobb’s/Mal’s totem in Inception! Gosh, that movie’s still with me!

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