For the first time, I can’t think of a title…perhaps you can suggest one…’Butterflies’ maybe apt…given that those are what I have a tummy-full off this weekend.

On Monday, hubby and I leave for the week for Tiruvalla in Kerala, to attend my best friend’s brother’s wedding. I’ve been looking forward to this reunion (she lives in the UK and we really have to plan our meetings!) for a long time and am all set to have a ball! Just a teenie-weenie little hitch…Ishaan’s not coming! We debated a lot and were very keen on him making the trip with us, but the logistics of an overnight train journey, the thought of all that boundless energy contained within the space of a single compartment for almost 24 hours, the thought of sharing a narrow train bunk with a boy who likes to travel in his sleep (makes perfect circles in his bed!), the fact that he’s not potty-trained, coupled with the fact that I avoid using the loos on the Great Indian Railways like the plague, if I can help it, and the thought of what all this (And more! There’s always more when toddlers are involved!), would do to us and our hapless fellow passengers (mostly to us!), made us reconsider, much as I hate the thought of being separated from my boy for 5 whole days!!

So, now I’m excited to be meeting my best friend in the whole world and really sad at the thought of leaving Ishaan behind, more so coz I know Beena and the whole family were thrilled at the thought of meeting him again! Haven’t had the heart to tell her he’s not coming. Out of sorts is what I am…although I’m quite sure of having made the right decision. At least I don’t have to worry about him too much – he’s attached to my Mom and I know that once we leave he’ll be fine…he’ll ask where we’ve gone and to see our pictures probably, but otherwise he’ll be Ok. It’s when we get back that all hell will probably break loose 😉 But that I can handle – coz in a few days after we’re back – I’m sending him to school 🙂

So, I’m thinking, I’ve got all my bases covered and it’s only 5 days…and why can’t I seem to get started on my packing…sigh…see, Life was so much simpler before Mommy-hood had me in its clutches 😛

Wish me luck!

p.s. Next post when I get back!

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