In the Heat of the Night…

This post is dedicated to all those who think living in Goa is akin to living in Paradise.

The sound of the wind blowing to the accompaniment of rain splattering on the roof awakens me from my already fitful sleep. Recognizing the immediate danger, I instantly begin to whisper a little prayer that might keep the current from blowing away with the breeze! A few minutes later as the ceiling fan inevitably grinds to a halt, I sigh resignedly…in another couple of minutes, the buzzing will begin. Mosquitoes, making the best of optimum conditions…30 minutes and no sign of the current returning…Ishaan stirs restlessly in his crib and I tiptoe across to have a look. There’s nothing else to do but pick him up as gently as possible and carry him downstairs, where the inverter provides electricity &  mosquito-protection! It’s not like this is the first time that’s happened, only like the millionth! If you think things are not too bad, well they are about to turn bizarre!

As I navigate the staircase in the dark, I see a chunk of light downstairs and run into my Dad brushing his teeth, like that’s the natural thing to do at 3 am in the morning!! Disjointed thoughts run through my distracted, sleep-deprived brain in quick succession…Dad is brushing his teeth…is Dad brushing his teeth?…the lights are on…huh? Yes they are, bright and glowing. Why is Dad brushing his teeth at 3 am? The lights are on! Is it really 3 am? The fans are working! Maybe it’s 6 am? Is this a dream? Why won’t the upstairs lights work? What on earth???!!!

First things first…I deposit Ishaan between Granny and Mom on the bed and return to tell my Dad that it’s not 6 am (I’ve checked) and he needs to get back to bed. He nods but I can see he has no intention of doing anything of the kind, ‘coz brushing done, he picks up the shaving foam! I give up…who am I to stop him from shaving at 3 am if that’s what he wants to do? I plunk down next to Ishaan and try to get some shut-eye. Fat chance. Dad finishes shaving and goes off to bed. I know, it will be a while before the power upstairs comes back on. If there is a major power outage, the chances of it being resolved quickly are high, but when it’s a single phase outage like this one, nothing is likely to happen until morning, which is a good 4 hours away and sometimes not even then!

After checking to see that the fuses are Ok, hubby tries to settle on the living room couch without much success. After an hour of fitful sleep (if you can even call it that!), I abandon all pretense and resort to my favorite insomniac activity and switch on the laptop! How I would survive life in Goa without the Net is something I hope I NEVER have to find out! At least Ishaan is comfortable…thank God for small mercies. He starts play school on Wednesday and if we have a repeat of tonight…but I don’t need to go there!

It’s 7 am now and pouring! Hubby manages to get through to the Electricity Department, who as always, sleep soundly through every crises, with their phone safely off the hook! (How else does one explain the engaged tone all night long!) They say they will send someone across asap which in Goa means nothing at all! Dad wakes up and has his morning cup of tea. He makes it himself. He does not brush his teeth!

I can feel it in my bones…this is going to be one of those days…

So, what say…you want to trade places??

8 thoughts on “In the Heat of the Night…

  1. So I have to know…did you ever figure out why your dad was brushing his teeth and shaving so early in the morning? I love this piece, by the way, such a snapshot into a moment in life you’d probably otherwise have forgotten. Those are my favorite kinds of moments.

    I’ll be thinking of you today as Ishaan starts play school. Best wishes to you both–I can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂

    1. We’ve decided to start school on Monday instead of mid-week, but I must confess I’m a bit nervous, which I guess is a given with us Moms…sigh.

      Aren’t they just? Mine too! Moments I mean…and when you start looking for them…there they are 🙂 Dad’s on a whole medley of drugs for his Parkinson’s and depression as a result of which he’s often disoriented in time and his memory is not what it used to be…he’s done this before, which is why I didn’t go into total panic mode.

  2. the picture of your dad brushing his teeth was a sweet poignant one in my mind 🙂
    If we traded places, it’d be hysterical! Me in the goan heat and you with my 5 degress of madness ;P

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