Am hard-pressed for time and so will try to keep this short…

Am off to Bombay via Pune tomorrow with hubby, Ishaan and our helper Pushpa. Hubby has a training program in Pune, Pushpa is going home for her holidays, and Ishaan & I both need a break from school and homework!! So we’re off for a fabulous time with cousins, good food and tons of shopping 🙂 Hopefully Ishaan will stay well and have a great time 🙂 He’s been a good traveler thus far and generally sleeps most of the way 🙂

So tonight, need to get all the last-minute stuff packed, check & re-check that I have Ishaan’s stuff and generally try to keep cool amidst the sea of stuff that somehow gathers under ‘must-take items’…sigh. Also have to find time to inform my virtual friends through FB and right here (done & done!), that I will be gone for a week, lest they forget my existence and ignore my return 😉 Here’s hoping you guys will miss me as much as I’ll miss you. I will! Even when I’m having fun, I promise I will 😉

I am really looking forward to this break, although I’m a little nervous about how Ishaan will behave and whether I’ll be able to manage him. Am praying we get through the week without major tantrums and sleepless nights. Coz when we get back it’s just me & him, and no Pushpa to take the load off my aching feet and back…but have pushed that thought squarely to the back of my mind (push, shove, stay there nasty thoughts!!) for now. Suddenly I’m glad there’s school to take care of the mornings…Hurrah for breathing space 🙂

Am planning to journal my thoughts every day and when I get back…seven posts for seven days…and that brings me to the end of my short post! I did it! Yoohoo!

See you guys next weekend…although will see some of you in Bombay 🙂 Until then, stay happy and be good 😉

Auf Wiedersehen…

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