Sunday evening @ Miramar beach…

Sunday evening finds us at Miramar beach. We have driven to Panjim to check out the new KFC outlet that was due to open (the first in Goa), but on arrival are told that it would only do so 2 days later – typical Goan style 😉 Thwarted in our efforts to munch on the Colonel’s fried chicken…we make for the beach, which is fast becoming Ishaan’s favorite spot 🙂 Like all toddlers, he’s finally discovered his love for the water, after an initial period in which he avoided it like the plague 😛



Father & Son: Contemplation


It’s late evening, the sun has just set, leaving the sky hued in shades of gold and orange, and the distant silver sickle of the moon casts a soft glow on the restless Arabian Sea. High up, there’s an orange streak…evidence of a jet on a journey. The tide is out and the sand firm and Ishaan jogs comfortably right up to the water’s edge, where he stands shrieking in delight every time the waves lap his tiny feet 🙂


Happiness in a puddle 🙂


Elsewhere, are typical beach scenes…a group throwing Frisbees, another playing soccer, dogs walking their owners and families on picnics. A cool gentle breeze takes the edge off the October heat. As we wander along the sands, I look down, and see this.




It’s a perfect imprint of what I gather is a fern leaf and I think of how it must have stayed hidden, safe under cover of water, until exposed by the receding tide. It just IS – there in the sand for the world to see and admire and something about that is oddly touching and uplifting. I look up, still moved and suddenly, a pair of birds (can’t say what kind) flies low over the water’s edge, in a kind of salutary dance, perhaps wishing the Sea goodnight, before taking off and soaring back up into the indigo sky. In that magical moment, I AM those birds…free and high-flying, rid of all worldly worries and one with the elements. A moment of communion. A perfect evening.


Miramar beach after sunset


p.s. After we get home, while looking through the newspapers, I see that the date is 10.10.10 and there’s a write-up on how at 10 minutes past 10 o’clock, it would be 10.10 on 10.10.10!! Apparently this only happens once every 100 years and I’m happy that unknowingly we’ve marked this memorable date with a magical evening 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sunday evening @ Miramar beach…

  1. Hey Harshatai…

    Your words make me nostalgic sometimes….but one thing is I get to re-live Goa thru you these days…

    Ishaan is wonderful with the camera…I must say…may become some top-shot model one day….love to see his cutie-naughty-smile.

    Love you…


  2. Harsha, just reading this blog and seeing the pics brought in an immense sense of was almost like being at the beach savouring the calm and instilling that much required breathe of fresh air. Thank you for this.

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