A Fight of Unusual Consequence!

Have been in a rotten mood these past few days…generally crabby and short-tempered with all and sundry.

Only Ishaan, with his solemn stares and mischievous smiles brought the occasional smile to my face…


Mr. Solemn-Face!


Two days ago, had a blow-up with hubby (Much needed, extremely therapeutic and thoroughly enjoyed! So don’t feel sorry for me in the least ;-)), over some trivial matter (which have since forgotten), first thing in the morning. Almost didn’t send Ishaan to school because of it…was just so pissed off and what do a few missed hours of school matter anyway at the age of 2 and a half, I ask you! However, wisdom prevailed (my own), coz I needed those precious child-free hours to get some editing done and meet with the publisher and so sent him, rather shell-shocked (that’s what makes me sad – the volume of our voices scared him…don’t want to have that happen again but know instinctively that it will), and so rendered silent, that…he forgot to cry! Uh Huh! He did! And then he went ahead and had a great time in school! Yoohoo for prayers answered!

Since I was treating my hubby to the full-fledged ‘silent treatment‘, I didn’t get to know of this utterly inexplicable and uplifting fact until last evening! Since yesterday, he’s been going quite happily to school, apparently calling out to his ‘aunty’ (they don’t say ‘Teacher’ in the Montessori system apparently), and going off with her with new enthusiasm! Strange are the ways of children and even stranger their timing!! I have been noticing his growing interest in other children. He likes older children and approaches them rather shyly but with conviction and calls them all ‘uncle’ and ‘aunty’ to my amazement and horror! They don’t seem to mind though (perhaps they don’t hear him too well :P), and pinch his cheeks and call him ‘sweetie’ and ‘cutie-pie’ in a most satisfactory fashion 🙂 The girls do. The boys offer him a firm hand-shake which he returns in an adorably grave manner, as if to say, “I’m one of you too!” Straddling two worlds with ease, my little chap!

So, it looks like we’ve finally made it to a tear-free school-life, although I’m still cautious and I have reason to be! Lest you think ‘All is Well’  (that would never do ;-)), he’s now started howling his head off, when hubby leaves for work!! “Paaaaaaaaaaaaapa”, he howls, “Paaaaaaaaaaaaapa”, in heart-rending fashion, especially on days, when hubby has to leave as soon as he’s dropped off from school (like today), only to fall into an exhausted sleep 5 minutes later. Is it just me, or do all children look like ‘angels’, only when asleep?! Oh come now…I know, you know what I mean!

With the weekend here, I’d rather reserve final judgement until Monday. But I’m hopeful and cautiously optimistic and of course fingers & toes crossed firmly 😛

But, my devious mind is now off on a dangerous track…dangerous to hubby that is! If one good blow-out brings such miraculous results, what might a regular dose of them do? Every couple of months or so? What say? Therein may lie the secret to my potty training issues 😉

But you guys…you have a fabulous, blowout free weekend, People 🙂

I’m going to…don’t you know…NO HOMEWORK!!!

10 thoughts on “A Fight of Unusual Consequence!

  1. Yes, you are bang on spot….sometimes, you get so frustrated for no reason and who else can be the best victim than your own partner-in-crime….well….but that can go well down only if the other person is co-operative otherwise it can lead to dirty issues…

    Well…nice to know that Ishaan is finally treating school as ‘can’t get away with so better enjoy’….half of your tensions are taken care of…..

    Hope you soon enjoy completely temper-free days…..

    Take care…

    1. You said it Meeta! ‘Temper-free’ days are something I aspire to but given that I am extremely impatient and stubborn (a terrible combination) seems impossible in this lifetime 😉 Still…I do what I can 🙂

  2. Hi Harsha:

    Glad Ishaan is getting more used to school…having less stress first thing in the morning is always good! He’s so cute…I would find it difficult to ever be annoyed with him!

    Sorry about your blowout with Hubby…we all have those once in a while!


    1. Thanks Wendy! It really is a relief that he’s beginning to settle down at school. He’s been so clingy otherwise I can hardly hear myself think. As for the blowout…methinks one of those invaluable in clearing the air once in a while…a long while 🙂

      Have a good weekend!

      Hugs, Harsha.

  3. Ishaan is an absolutely gorgeous child! Let’s hope he never finds that out, or you’ll have your hands full later! 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear about your argument with your hubby. But your right–sometimes they’re just necessary to help blow some of the dust and cobwebs out of the atmostphere. Better than letting bad feelings build and fester, right? Wendy’s right, it happens to all of us.

    I hope you have a lovely, relaxing and argument-free weekend.

    1. Thanks Maura 🙂 I would pick blowouts over festering any day, painful though they are in the moment.

      As for the weekend…that’s the plan 🙂 And hope you have a great one too!

  4. You bet Harsha. Children look just adorable when they are asleep. Little angles. Enough to make you feel very very very guilty about having scolded or whacked them during the day. Omkaar will sleep on his side with one hand under his cheek and looks so cute, I can’t tell you. Ofcourse now that he is TEN, he hates it if I call him cute.:(

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