Mid-week Recharge & Happy Diwali!

In the midst of a chaotic build-up to the Festival of Lights on Friday, Wednesday offered an oasis of if not quite calm, then respite from the craziness of last-minute cleaning and shopping sprees!

Here’s what I did…

Ishaan & I visited a dear friend and her family, who are visiting Goa for a couple of days from Bombay. Β It feels like I’ve known her all my life, although in years I think it would be just aboutΒ 7. Aparna & I first met when we were working together at Good Health. She’s a dedicated professional (a dermatologist), a passionate woman with a wicked sense of humor and a fabulous Mom! She is now also a newly-published author and her first book, Skin Deep, An Inside Out Approach to Looking Good, Naturally!, has just hit bookshelves all over India. We hit it off at once and our friendship is now in that comfort-zone that exists between best friends. You know, the one where long gaps in communication seem not to matter at all, where there is understanding, acceptance and no judgement. I think I can safely say that we both wish we could see each other more often than we do, but when we do, we don’t waste any time getting down to the business of making every moment count, every moment special πŸ™‚

Yesterday was no different! Aparna now has an adorable, exuberant, 1-yr-old Lab called Rocco, a recent addition to her family. Rocco and I have been introduced on our recent trip to Bombay when he licked me and especially Ishaan on every body part he could get too!! A bit overwhelming for Ishaan, but exciting for a dog-lover like me πŸ™‚

Rocco πŸ™‚

Thanks to her, I discovered a hitherto unvisited beach in South Goa (unvisited by me I mean, and from the looks of it by the touristy throngs thank goodness), Arossim. A beautiful stretch of smooth white sand, the water line dotted with hundreds of scurrying translucent crabs and sadly dead starfish, and a solitary shack. After an unseasonal thunderstorm, the weather was beautiful…cool and breezy. We all enjoyed the water – humans & dog! Ishaan is becoming quite the water baby πŸ™‚ I’m definitely going back to take pictures…we were too busy having fun yesterday to take too many.

We had lunch at the resort next door to where Aparna was staying, @ theΒ Heritage Village Resort, a charming boutique hotel that has pleasant, helpful staff and a very good lunch buffet! I pigged out on the croutons that were done to perfection (a rarity!) and Ishaan enjoyed the fried fish and Mediterranean roasted chicken! Before lunch, we worked up our appetite by playing (what else?) cricket on the lawns. I don’t think Ishaan could have asked for more enthusiastic playmates πŸ™‚ He took to them all, like a duck to water & and walked back from lunch, happily holding on to Aparna’s hubby’s finger πŸ™‚

We were loathe to leave, of course! There’s always that one more thing to say, to ask, to discuss…it’s never ending! And I was happy to have spent time with Sharanya with whom I share a special relationship.

All Aboard!

She’s goofy, witty, smart and utterly fun! She gets me πŸ™‚ and I’m happy to report, approves of my parenting skills, such as they are πŸ˜‰ High praise indeed!

And so, though by the time we got home, we were pretty pooped, I was also feeling recharged like you do after meeting a dear friend. The fatigue of preparations seemed lifted and the world a brighter place! Such is the healing power of a great friendship!

Tonight, we do the rounds to catch the Narakasurs on display and tomorrow we celebrate Diwali, the ‘Festival of Lights’, with enough horsepower to recharge our lives!! You’ll hear about that here in due course, probably next week after the dust has settled!

Until then…Stay Safe and have a Wonderful Diwali surrounded by love and lights πŸ˜€

Happy Diwali!!

11 thoughts on “Mid-week Recharge & Happy Diwali!

  1. wow, Harshatai….you all look picture perfect…my young SRK in making looks fab, as usual…

    Wish u all a very happy diwali and a great new year..

    Lots a love..

    1. Hey Wendy!

      We really did have a wonderful time πŸ™‚ Rocco is truly something else πŸ˜› Adorable! I’ve been blessed in my friendships for which I am grateful πŸ™‚

      Hugs, Harsha.

  2. Friendship is such a treasure, isn’t it? When we’re younger, we don’t realize just how important lasting friendships can be. I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend in good company. Happy (belated) Diwali!

  3. What an awesome getaway! i can relate to it because Eid is right around the corner and hubby and I wish we could run away from all the (gory) celebrations! (i’m talking about bakra Eid of course)
    I like people who like dogs πŸ™‚ or any animal for that matter. Insects, however….

    p.s Happy Diwali!!

    1. Thanks Munira! Aaaaaaaaaw…Bakra Eid is not on my list of favorite festivals either for obvious reasons 😦 Although I love mutton…such a hypocrite I am…sigh 😦

      Dogs though I love more than humans πŸ™‚

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