Birthday Bytes!

So, tomorrow’s ‘B’ Day! As I grow older, the enthusiasm over ‘B’ days is naturally more muted, not the exuberant joy that accompanied childhood celebrations, just the quiet satisfaction of having made it through another year, alive and well, if somewhat battle-scarred! This year like last, will be a quiet celebration with family. Still, a ‘B’ day is a ‘B’ day…and wishes and gifts are always welcome 😉

This year I thought I would look around online for celebrities (Oh alright, I confess, I do it all the time!), that share my ‘B’ day and found two, the combination of which I thought very cool…Bruce Lee & Jimi Hendrix…imagine that! A kick-ass musician J Some of my favourite Sagittarians are Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain (cut my reading teeth on Little Women, Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn :)); Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice is and I think always will be my favourite Classic and Mr. Darcy my favourite romantic hero :)); Rilke; Emily Dickinson; Walt Disney; Steven Spielberg; Tina Turner; Bette Midler; Beethoven and Frank Sinatra (Those smooth dulcet tones!! What a voice!). There are many more of course, Marisa Tomei & Jeff Bridges among others, both of whom I love, but these are evergreen.

Now this is what I call Genius!

I’ve always been interested in Astrology and in my teens was really into the Zodiac and Linda Goodman was my God or should I say Goddess! I would read through the pages of my Bible…Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs (and later Love Signs), and try to find myself in the descriptions she offered! It always amazed me, how someone who didn’t know me at all, could know me so well! Don’t you scoff! I was young, impressionable, and getting to know myself! Am I a typical Sagittarian? That’s for me to know and you to guess 😛  But most people who know me well, would agree that I have many Sagittarian qualities…am fiercely independent and admire free-spirited people, extremely impatient, very short-tempered (this only with family, friends are immune for as yet unknown & unfathomable reasons!) but bear no malice, intelligent, sarcastic, generous, loyal and a supporter of lost causes and the underdog among several others. I love dogs more than human beings and don’t think that’s in the least bit strange or weird. Love horses too and the Tiger. I’m a lazy day-dreamer most of the time, except when I become extremely focussed and goal-oriented, usually in short bursts. What I am is a sprinter…not a marathon runner! I lose interest easily and so inevitably have many interests J

The bottom-line? At this point in time, I like who I am; I’m happy being who I am (well, more often than not!); and I think Sagittarian sits rather well on me 😉 (We’re not known for our modesty as you can see ;-)) I’ll leave you with a picture from my very first ‘B’ day with my giant ‘ship-cake’, and two songs that I love!

Me and my giant ship!

I chose this version, coz I didn’t want visuals to distract from the lyrics and the voice. This is one of my favorite songs, written by Paul Anka (another favorite). The original song is a French hit by Claude François and Jacques Revaux, called “Comme d’Habitude”, written the year I was born 🙂

This one I dedicate to all the people in Life, past & present, that have inspired, supported, encouraged and stood by me throughout the years. You have all had a hand in making me what I am today, hopefully, a better version of myself than last year 😉 I am eternally grateful and love you all 🙂 You are all most definitely – The Wind Beneath My Wings 🙂 You gotta love Ms. Midler!

Happy to Me 😉

8 thoughts on “Birthday Bytes!

  1. Hi Harsha:

    I had Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs” in my late teens too! I’m a classic Cancer. I keep threatening to do an astrology post…might actually do it some day!

    I love Alcott and Twain too…just picked up a book with some of Twain’s “darker” works a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t read him since I was a kid…looking forward to it!

    I hope you have an awesome birthday!


  2. well, helLO fellow Sag…! is it any wonder we have so much in common??
    you snatch the words right out of my mouth when you talk about L.G’s Love Signs!! i DEVOURED that book too!! 😀
    happy happy b’day!! have a lovely one 🙂

    1. Aaah!! It was inevitable…our friendship was written in the stars 😀

      You too huh?? After I met hubby (an Aries)…the first line in the book, kept replaying in my head, all through our courtship, where she says, “If you are a Sagittarian woman, you will be naturally attracted to an Aries man!!!” I couldn’t believe she knew!!

      Thanks a ton for the wishes 🙂

  3. I can see the twinkle in your eyes….Harsha
    Happy happy Birthday to you ,have a wonderful one ,and may your writing talents take you to great heights.
    A big birthday squeeze….love you loads….Beena

  4. Happy, happy Birthday, Harsha! I agree. I’ve never really understood why people complain about birthdays when they’re such a celebration of the time we’re given here. I hope you had a remarkable day, and I hope it kicks off a remarkable year for you.

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