Still No Words!

What can I say? Still not in the mood!

There could be though…Saturday evening we went to my native village for a local religious celebration, which meant throngs of sweaty people jostling along everywhere – in temples, on the roads and at the scores of road-side stalls selling everything from sweets to balloons! I had carried my camera but it was impossible to click, mostly coz Ishaan was with us and demanding as always, and because I don’t have a tripod, which I gather is a must for night-time photography, but also coz sometimes you just have to soak in the atmosphere instead of recording it for everyone else to experience, which is what I did…sort off. You’ll probably get to hear about it though…who am I kidding πŸ˜› Just not today.

But the better part of Saturday and Sunday morning were spent…you guessed it…indulging my latest passion…making collages!! This one, is one of my favorite subjects and I’m pretty thrilled with the results. IΒ love B & W photography πŸ™‚ Just makes me feel nostalgic and takes me back to happier times, when the world and Life, all seemed so much simpler & easier than they are today…uncomplicated…sigh. I yearn for those times…except of course when making collages with cool software using pictures taken with a wickedly cool camera…none of which would have been possible then πŸ˜‰ Changing times, changing tastes πŸ˜›

So here are the results of the better part of my weekend πŸ™‚

Hope you guys had a good one!

When you’re on a roll, why stay single right? Right! So I tried 3 different options with the same pictures (No, I had nothing better to do!). If you’re not bored, tell me which one you like best and why. No, it won’t win you an award, just make me Happy! Why wouldn’t you want to do that πŸ˜‰

Here goes…


14 thoughts on “Still No Words!

  1. You know what? B&W photographs have a life of their own. They are more attractive, and for some reason, I feel, have a three-dimensional effect which is often lacking in colour photographs. Also, no colour photograph shows the true colours. The colours depend on the processing, paper, inks, monitor or display! B&W photographs, mercifully, leave the colour to our imagination. That is a great advantage. In the old – print – days, B&W photographs had a longer life!

  2. Though I love B&W – here my fav is the 1st collage. Lovely pics, Harsha! I can see you’re giving your new toy a good workout πŸ™‚

  3. I just loved the second one…although the colored photography has a charm of it’s own…it’s the B&W photographs that pour in life into the snaps….Just loved Ishaan’s different moods…you should get one printed on a big size portrait and make it all worth for…

  4. Harsha, these are absolutely gorgeous! He is absolutely gorgeous! I would spend my time doing nothing else too…who can blame you with such a good subject to shoot and such beautiful results. I love B&W photography too, which I guess is why I choose #2, but #1 is also breathtaking. Hope you keep posting them. Watch out, Ishaan might get a modeling gig or superstar movie career out of it too.

    1. Thanks a million Jacque πŸ™‚ I would take pictures all day long if I could! I’m so happy at how many people love B & W pictures! They just tell the story in a whole different way methinks.

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