My First Award…’Meme…’ what?!

An award!! Finally! Fame! Recognition! Validation! Fame!!!! Yoohoo and Hip Hip Hurrah!!!!

Alright, now that the hysterics are out-of-the-way, let’s get down to business, shall we? This ‘Memetastic’ Award has come to me through someone who in a very short time has become a great friend and inspiration! She’s also where I go for my daily dose of laughter 😀 Drum Roll…Wendy over at Herding Cats in Hammond River!! She’s creative and has a fabulous sense of humor…don’t take my word for it, go visit!! Thanks Wendy for passing this one on to me, I’m honored and ecstatic and consequently this post will be drowning in emoticons 😛 😀 😉

I must confess I had no idea of a what a ‘meme’ was until I read Wendy’s post where she shared that it’s a word used simply to describe a concept that spreads via the Web, rather like a spider 😛 I wonder why they chose ‘meme’ that rhymes with cream? As far as I know, ‘meme’, pronounced ‘meh-meh’ in my local lingo Konkani (spoken in Goa), is what we call fish when speaking to toddlers such as my son!! It has nothing to do with the Web and certainly doesn’t rhyme with cream 😛 And why cream? Cream which has nothing to do with an idea, a concept, a spider, a fish nor the Web, unless I’m missing something. But hey! Who said anything has to make sense, right? Onwards! These days awards come with rules. Gone are the days, when you got away with saying a simple Thank You’ on receiving a gift! If you were really thrilled, maybe you wrote a note or gave them something smashing when it was your turn! No More! Gone is the ‘Simple Life’. These days, awards come with threats of stalking and the possibility of being cyber-hunted all over the Web, until there’s no that’ll hide you!! Me, I value my Life. And I’m not about to let a few life-threats stand in the way of my first award 😉 Also I’m really obedient (Dang! Should have saved that for bold-faced Lie No. 1), so I’m going to do my best and hopefully provide amusement for all 😛

The Rules, which all Awardees must obey on pain of cyber-torture of the worst kind from the obviously creative & devious mind that originated this scheme, ‘meme’, and whom I shall hence forward refer to simply as the ‘Creator’ are as follows:

Rule I: You must proudly display the “absolutely disgusting graphic” created by the ‘Creator’ in your post. So, move over da Vinci! I give you the ‘Creator’!! The gender of the kitten remains a secret and requires code-breaking skills that you my friends do NOT have!

No seriously people...this is it!

Rule II: You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them must be bold-faced lies. Again in the words of the ‘Creator’, “Just make some shit up, we’ll never know.” Truer words were never spoken! Oh and also “We’re not really interested in quality here, so don’t go crazy trying to think of stuff.” See, easy-peasy 😛

Rule III: This one is my favourite! Why suffer alone when your friends are just dying to lend you a hand 😛 You must pass this award on to 5 bloggers that you either like or don’t like or don’t really have much of an opinion about. The ‘Creator’, who has much better things to do with her time (such as thinking up new ‘memes’, I can only presume), claims your reasons for picking particular people do not matter to her. She is above such pettiness. But since we may share, I can tell you that Wendy picked me, because she wishes me to go insane in the company of two maniacs – the Kitten and my toddler Ishaan! Et tu Wendy! If you never here from me again, promise you’ll miss me? Oh Come On!!

Rule IV: This is a warning actually not a rule. The ‘Creator’ who is used to complete and utter obedience from her minions, will not tolerate any rule-breakers. You will be found. You will be hurt. You should be scared.

Rule V: Since the ‘Creator’ is not a bad person (whatever made you think that?!), she requests you to please link your celebratory post back to The Memetastic Hop, so she can see how her ‘meme’ has changed the world!! Disobey at your own risk (refer to Rule IV)!

So, with that out-of-the-way, down to brass tacks…Finally 😉 5 things about Moi…who knows which one is true?

1. I am an incarnation of the Moon Goddess ‘Luna’. That’s the secret of my general insanity and occasional flashes of brilliance 😀

2. I am the most organized person on the planet and my memory is…what was that word in Wendy’s post…diabolical 😉

3. In a past life, I used to be a pediatrician. Sometimes, I still am 😀

4. Harsha and H is for Happiness are pseudonyms I’m using for an undercover operation that will eventually lead to an expose of cyber-crime networks. I cannot reveal more for fear of death (real this time, not cyber) – yours and mine.

5. In the event of a nuclear holocaust, I will be the only life-form left alive. That’s coz I’m a Goddess. If you’ve forgotten already, you need to consult a neurologist now!

On to my picks then…

1. Munira’s Bubble: M has Fuzzy, who will either devour the cyber-kitten for sheer ugliness or take pity on the poor soul and protect it fiercely. Fuzzy may be confused, but Munira is a seriously talented, wickedly funny girl, who lives in Karachi. Go for it M!

2. Indigo Violet’s Blog: R2D2 as she calls herself at the moment, is Mama to two cats & two dogs (did I get that right?) and dear Kitty will find a loving home with this extremely talented and immensely sensitive writer. She’s into ‘kooky introspection’ and has a real eye for fabulous images 😀

3. 36 x 37: Maura is the first friend I made since I started blogging regularly. Her blog is about 36 ‘Firsts’ she wants to get done before she turns 37 and I’m enjoying the ride 🙂 She has some real cool ones! She’s a great writer and has a way of effortlessly weaving profound thoughts into her posts by way of humor, wit and irony. A must read!

4. Posky’s Blog: Posky is one of the funniest people I’ve read in a while. He can be brutally honest and in your face. I’m nominating him coz I can’t wait to see his take on ‘Awards’ in general and ‘memes’ in particular. He does wicked cartoon strips too!

5. Clouded Marbles: She is a recent addition to my blogosphere. I like her quirky sense of humor and her simple direct writing style. Photography is another shared interest and she takes some pretty great “kiekies” 😀 (“kiekies” is an Afrikaans word used in reference to photos taken by an amateur). And from today’s post, I see that CM is a slave to her own cat! So I guess Kitty would fit right in? Maybe, maybe not!

So there you have it…the List is done. The Rules obeyed. Torture avoided. And a new lot of crazies nominated 😉 I’m done here 😀

Have a good week ahead People. And be careful what you wish for 😛

p.s. I’ve totally enjoyed this post and can’t thank Wendy enough 🙂 I do hope you enjoy it too and hopefully I haven’t offended. Even if I have…I’m a Goddess 😉

p.p.s. This is where it all began…Memetastic Hop. Check it out or refer to Rule IV!

26 thoughts on “My First Award…’Meme…’ what?!

  1. Ha! Thanks very much, Harsha. I shall honor this award expediently, because if there’s one thing the 36×37 blog needs, it’s a drawing of a kitten freaking out in a shower of confetti.

    I double-dog-dare Posky to link up to The Memetastic Hop. Because THAT would be fantastic.

  2. 1. The title made be believe that C caught a fish for you!
    2. Am pleased I am not a blogger. So, no MA for me!

      1. I am not scared of any Goddess. I am married to THE GODDESS!! Have you forgotten that already?

  3. This is fun!!
    Gosh but I am so bad with rules so I fear the penalties ;p
    Thank you for nominating my blog as one of your 5! 😀
    Gee, I think I know which one isn’t a lie… 😉
    Although all five lies sound delectable and oughta be truths haha!
    Hail thee Goddess Luna..
    (reminds me of our dreamy Luna Lovegood lol)

    1. LOL…ain’t it just!! Do you know…I was thinking of her too 😉 She one of my favorite characters in HP and I always thought she and Harry would have made a much much better couple than Ginny. I don’t like Ginny at all 😛

      Love from the Goddess Luna 😛

  4. my ginger cat has decided to sit on my keyboards. sigh..
    im using my hp right now, will type out my meme post in the afternoon.

    my pets really hate my hp & laptop..anything that takes my attention away for hours on end :p

    p.s: its 3 dogs, but who’s counting?

    1. I guess! I love the idea of being one…wait…I am 😛 Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Come back soon or risk the wrath of the Moon Goddess 😉 Kidding…I’m kidding!

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