The Crazy Week That Was…

Do you know how sometimes, you blink, and a whole week has just gone by? It’s Monday again and you’re thinking…What?? Where did the week go? (That’s if you’re lucky! If you’re not, it could be a year or worse still your Life!). That’s what I’m feeling this Monday morning…exhausted and drained from a whirlwind V-day week. Luckily most of it was good, except for a close shave with Ishaan, which was rather scary. Haven’t had time to think much less write, and am far behind on reading my Blogs, so please forgive me friends! Now that Ishaan is back to school, hopefully, things will settle back down into a routine.

Monday (Valentine’s Day), was relatively quiet, and a staid start to a week without Hubby. In retrospect, it was lovely coz I had no idea of the roller coaster that lay ahead! It was also a dear friend’s Birthday and we made plans to have dinner on Tuesday with another friend, which was just as well coz for unfathomable reasons (mostly lethargy which is truly inexcusable :P), we haven’t met in the two years since I’ve moved back to Goa! And so that’s what we did! On Tuesday we met, first at her place for a long session of catching up and then had a great dinner at the Pan Asian Bowl, a restaurant with a great ambience & one of my favorite places for Southeast Asian cuisine in Goa that also makes a decent Mojito 🙂 Happiness all around 🙂 Did I mention my friend B is a whiz at crochet? She makes the hook fly, and weaves runners, tablecloths and doilies faster than you can say, ‘Fabulous!’ She’s also extremely generous and thinks nothing of gifting her friends with unique pieces over the years 🙂 She gave me two wonderful doilies on Tuesday! The best return gifts ever! I know…I have the BEST friends 🙂 Not to forget, she’s also works full-time as a Clinical Pathologist while raising a pre-teen daughter!

Examples of my friend's handiwork!

Wednesday, Ishaan had a holiday for Id. When we were young, I remember the Id holidays we got…we were always unsure of the exact day & date, because of the unpredictable nature of the moon! It added to the excitement and mystery 🙂 Ishaan was of course oblivious to any sense of excitement (he’s just too young!), and wanted to know why he wasn’t going to school (Now you believe me! He really is very young ;-))! I had to do something to keep him occupied and out of everyone’s hair in the morning, so we took a trip to the church atop Aguada hill in the tiny village of Sinquerim in North Goa, a 20-minute drive from where I live, which houses the famous Jail and Lighthouse. There are fabulous views of the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea from the hilltop, which also houses the brick-red ruins of the Aguada Fort (Now a protected Heritage Site), built in the 17th century by the Portuguese. Unfortunately, the road up was congested with traffic – busloads of tourists who seemed to think their money bought them the right to saunter down the middle of the road without a care in the world! The price we pay for living in a ‘Tourist Paradise!’ 😦

View from the Gazebo on Aguada Hill.

After making our way to the top at snail’s pace, I decided to avoid the crowds at the Lighthouse and headed instead to the much quieter, indeed almost deserted Church. Most Churches in Goa are whitewashed and this one was no different. The grounds around were large but not maintained and the whole place had a distinctive ‘commune with Nature’ kind of feeling 🙂 There’s a small gazebo which offers a view of the Sea and the Jail located at the foot of the hill. I thought of the prisoners within its stony red walls…all that water and never a glimpse! Some punishment that! Ishaan was thrilled 🙂 He ran around and posed for pictures quite happily! We stood and stared at the Sea and then went off to explore the Church.

The Church

It was locked, but we ran into a few people. A father with his brood (all young), who were obviously chilling out like us on a school holiday, and a pair of sisters who were down from the UK & the US to collect the remains of their mother and transfer them to a family crypt. That explains why there were human bones and a skull in the garden, at one end of the passage!! The sisters seemed concerned that the children would be upset and tried to shield them, but in typical child-like fashion, they were totally unconcerned and only mildly curious! As for me, it was a throwback to my first year in Medical school when I first met a dead body, inhaled the overpowering odor of formalin and stashed a bagful of human bones in my locker 😉 All in a day’s work! Wonder where that bag is now?!

After a great morning, we had an equally happy evening. Wedding season continues in Goa and my aunts and uncle, who were down here for one in their family, came visiting. We had a wonderful time, chatting up and playing cricket with Ishaan! So Wednesday night, I was thrilled to have reached mid-week without incident and very happy. I should have known better!

Thursday morning started routinely enough, until a sudden wail punctured the air. I ran into the living room and Ishaan was in Pushpa’s arms howling his head off, bleeding copiously from his nose. He had managed to hit his face against the edge of our rocking chair and had a nasty bruise under his left eye, a cut upper lip and nostril! It’s a good thing I’m not squeamish at all – it wasn’t a pretty sight. He wouldn’t allow us to hold ice to the bleed for a while until he calmed down a bit (He was oh so brave!), and when he finally did, I was happy to see that nothing was broken and his eye was unhurt. After a while, when the bleeding had stopped and the hysterical household (read Granny and Pushpa), had calmed down, I took him to my friend and his pediatrician, so she could have a look, coz he still wouldn’t let me clean the wound. So I held him down while she cleaned the wound with Savlon and used a torch to examine the interior of his nose. No serious damage done and an antibiotic ointment was all that was needed, thank goodness. He promptly spat out his pain medication, but since he didn’t seem to be in any serious pain, I let it be. He was lucky to escape without a serious eye injury! Back home, he seemed fine except that he wouldn’t allow anyone near his nose.

The Buffet @ Fernando's

That same evening however, I took him to a dinner party in a wonderful restaurant in Raia (near Margao), called Fernando’s Nostalgia. I thought it would help us all get over the crazy morning. The setting was rather wonderful, with the interiors done up in the old Portuguese fashion, with terracotta figurines, antique furniture, old lamps and live music! There was a mini trampoline and a play area for the kids to play in where my wounded soldier played cricket to his heart’s content! I learnt that the owner Chef Fernando passed away 4 years ago, and that his wife was now in charge. Live music was provided by a singer on keyboards, who delighted us all with local Konkani favorites & the golden oldies…and I am talking serious oldies here…Cliff Richards & Engelbert Humperdinck, The Carpenters…you get the picture. He had a fabulous voice and took requests, which made for an entertaining evening! I danced to the peppy Konkani numbers with my son in my arms and I can’t wait for the day when he’s old enough to lead me on to the dance floor 🙂 He’s like me…loves music, loves to dance 🙂 An enjoyable evening, that really helped take the edge off Ishaan’s mishap.

Friday and Saturday were spent in the company of more visiting family & running errands with Ishaan in tow (NOT something I would have chosen to do!), and on Sunday morning, it was finally time to fetch Hubby home from the train station! Thankfully, the train arrived on time and then excitement took over as Ishaan spotted Hubby across the platform 🙂 There’s something so joyous about kids greeting their parents after a long separation! All these years while Hubby’s been jet setting all around the world, I’ve watched him come and go in mundane fashion. After a while, it’s just another part of the routine, if you get my meaning…but with kids, it’s very different. Their joy is a palpable thing – it’s almost a physical presence (the way they squirm and twist and want to leap into your arms :)), unabashedly enthusiastic and it’s infectious! A happy combination! After a boisterous reunion and the once over by Hubby, father and son were inseparable on the ride home.

I would have loved a quiet Sunday at home, but we had a ‘thread ceremony’ to attend and so after a quick shower, we were off to Margao again. Luckily, ‘thread ceremonies’, are not like weddings, and we were able to come home in time for a Sunday siesta…a must for any self-respecting Goan (indeed for any self-respecting human in my book!). And so that’s a wrap of ‘A week in the Life of…’ This week will be busy with work – I’m editing the Medical Bulletin for our State Chapter of the Indian Association of Pediatrics and that involves co-coordinating with plenty of busy doctors (always a nightmare, given that most of them don’t even check their e-mails, let alone respond on time!!). I have no doubt there will be a lot of frantic phone calls and last-minute panicked scrambling involved! But I have my own guardian angel S, (who dragged me into the project in the first place!), who enjoys this sort of thing and has mean convincing skills. I’m relying on her to see me through! Well, at least Ishaan will be back in school…Oooh! Fingers & toes, firmly crossed!

Have a great week ahead People 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Crazy Week That Was…

  1. Well, well, you’ve been a busy girl, haven’t you 🙂 No wonder we barely heard a peep from you all week long.
    Loved the doilies!
    And as for the skull and bones in the church….that’s grim! But what a pretty place……there’s something very lovely about white-washed buildings…
    Thank you for the recap 🙂 you make me wish I could remember what I did all week! 😛 Glad Ishaan is okay… the incident reminded me of when Amu was 3 and she slipped while running on a marble floor, slid all the way to the stairs and banged her face on them. Poor lil baby hurt her nose pretty bad, but her stoicness and bravery were heartening and heartbreaking at the same time (if you know what I mean)
    Hope you have a great week ahead! Good luck with chasing down them doctors 😀

    p.s. I’m glad hubby is back!

    1. Hey M!! Am so glad to be back…was suffering severe withdrawal from the Blogosphere!

      I know exactly what you mean! Children are the bravest souls on this planet 😀 Their resilience and tolerance is legendary as is their penchant for mischief & throwing tantrums 😉

      I’m glad Hubby is back too…coz it means that today I get to go do lunch and a movie with my girlfriend while leaving him to deal with his darling son 😛

  2. Whoo…what a busy week, Harsha!

    Beautiful doilies…did you know that I’m a crocheter too?

    I’m glad Ishaan came through his rocking chair mishap with just a black eye…


    1. It was Wendy…and busy is not my favorite thing to be. I’m all for the chilling out, so it throws me off balance. Also it takes me away from things I’d rather be doing. Yup, Ishaan is back to school and none the worse for wear 🙂

      You are??! I don’t know why, but that doesn’t surprise me in the least! Would love to see some of your work 🙂 My Granny has crocheted several bedspreads over the years and I used to help her, until I started Medical School.

      Hugs, H.

  3. Poor Ishaan. I’m sorry he got a bit banged up–I guess sometimes that’s just how little boys learn, right?

    I like that Goa has a wedding season. 🙂

    1. You said it Maura! I can hardly keep up with his energy levels sometimes! I’m just glad it wasn’t anything serious.

      As for wedding seasons – we have two actually! One at the height of Summer in April & May, when there’s more than a wedding a day to attend if you’re well connected and well-loved 😉 And the other in the Winter from November through January, which I much prefer, coz of the pleasant weather which makes dressing up in yards of silk & loads of jewelry much less annoying 😉 The reason for this is of course that Hindu weddings need an auspicious Day & Time and these are the chunks when one assumes they are available in plenty! Do you have Wedding seasons in the US?

  4. It seems like wedding seasons is all year long, as long as long as you are between the age of twenty-four and thirty-three.

    Crocheting is like some mysterious art. I’ve watched my friends do it and it just seems impossible. I’ve tried it twice and I’m convinced that it would be easier for me to try and land a plane with no training than attempting to crochet somethings simple.

    I’m glad you had a week of adventure and, if your stamina holds out, I hope the fun continues.

    1. I don’t know about fun…but the craziness lingers and that’s the reason why I’m replying to this comment after a week!

      I always thought crochet was mysterious too until I learnt how to do it…then it just became mysteriously difficult 😛 Rather like landing a plane with no training 😉

  5. Phew, Harsha! That’s quite a lot of excitement 🙂

    Now I know that you’ll understand why I’m also a little behind on catching up and only now reading your post, although my busy time has a lot less excitement in it 😉

    I can sympathize with the whole “living in a Tourist Paradise” thing. It can just about drive a local crazy, right?

    I really like whitewashed buildings, especially churches. Maybe you can put some shots of it up on your photoblog (or just link me to previous posts if you’ve done so here)?

    I admire parents’ strength in holding their little ones down when being attended by a doctor or nurse. That must be heartwrenching. Glad the little guy didn’t take his mishap too bad.

    1. Hey CM…I apologize for the delay in my reply. I’m just swamped with…Life I guess…sigh…and yes I understand.

      You’re so right about driving the locals crazy…I wonder whether it’s really that difficult to find a balance between tourism and retaining local flavor. Methinks it shouldn’t be so hard. Goa is becoming unrecognizable to locals like me with every passing day 😦

      I promise to put up pictures on the photoblog asap. Until then check out the posts in the Journeys category.

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