This is something I wrote a while ago, when I first moved back to Goa to live with my parents. Yes you heard me right! It was also the time that Ishaan (my son) came into my life, and as you can imagine ‘quiet time’ was for other people…people who had lives, while mine went up in smoke! Oh! I know I was feeling overwhelmed and things are so much better now, but still ever so often, the mind craves quiet and solitude. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but it’s become a life-quest of sorts…this search for peace and solitude. I know I’ll be feeling this way again come April when Ishaan starts 2 long months of summer vacation! And don’t you tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about!


I crave a peaceful haven,

Amidst the buzzing in my brain,

Where crazy plans & idle thoughts,

Bring calamity & pain.

Where I can find much needed calm,

From daily drudgery,

And wallow in the sweet retreat,

Of my hallowed sanctuary.

Will I ever find it?

That  place, that’s all my own?

Or am I doomed to live & die,

Ever seeking and alone?

That space I visit in my dreams,

Where no one dare trespass,

Where in the quiet of my mind,

Stillness comes at last.

– Harsha

6 thoughts on “Stillness

    1. Thanks Jacque 🙂 I didn’t know April was poetry month! A poem a day seems difficult though…my toddler will be home 24/7 on vacation and Stillness will have totally disappeared! Are you going to do it? Would love to read 🙂

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