The Ramblings of Mr. Fluey…

So here’s some of what I’ve pondered, learnt and wondered about the World and myself during the time I’ve been away…But let me warn you first, the trusty Brain is all ‘Fluey’ right now so NONE of this may make any sense. Yes I know, not much of anything makes sense these days anyway…well not to me it doesn’t, or maybe that’s just the depression talking! See I told you…’FLUEY’! Just think of these as the ramblings of ole Mr. Fluey! He’s beginning to grow on me, the sneak 😛

It’s that time of year again. The Monsoon is firmly entrenched in Goa, clothing her in resplendent green. Unfortunately so are the mosquitoes. And the flies. There is NO escape. This is also the time for the annual Flu marathon. You would be hard-pressed to find a household that does not participate! You know the drill…the vague malaise, a hint of itch in the throat, the heavy head that signals its arrival; followed by the incessant sneezing, the running nose, that makes you wonder where that waterfall in your head otherwise lives, and the cough – hacking, phlegmy and lingering. Oh how the blessed thing lingers & lingers and lingers! And to add to all the physical discomfort, how about a little low-grade depression thrown in to spice things up?! I mean what’s a marathon if not a grueling test of endurance? And more obstacles only demand and prove endurance right? In case you were wondering…just being rhetorical here. It’s a favorite past-time of Mr. Fluey’s!

But what’s a marathon with a lone participant eh? The more the merrier – in Health and apparently in Disease! So we have everyone in the family affected, together or serially making for a wonderful month-long tournament of illness. There, so now you know what I’ve doing while I’ve been away for the most part. I think I’m just about to cross the finish line, although who’s to say? The Flu is nothing if not treacherous! But it can be illuminating too…occasionally. Because you have all the time in the world to think. Provided of course you choose to think about the ‘real’ stuff, you know, not the frivolous stuff that I so often let Mr. Fluey ponder upon 😛 Let me give you an example. Did you know that from a certain angle, the curve of a dog’s tail is easily and very convincingly mistaken for a black swan’s head? You didn’t know that? Just ask Mr. Fluey!

And here’s a few other things Mr. Fluey has been thinking these past few weeks.

When the inside of your car is comfortable, the outside really doesn’t matter 🙂

Never stop the cold fluids during the Flu! Especially when that fluid is a chilled Thums Up!

You’re never too sick to Dream 🙂

Enjoy the depression while it lasts. Reality is worse.

Thoughts are nothing without action and language means little without speech.

Frivolity is a fun nay essential requisite for Happiness 🙂

Most parents equate respect with obedience. I respectfully disagree.

When you have to cough…don’t bother to fight it.

The sneeze is a mighty weapon! Use it well 😉

Watching a bird build its nest is miraculously uplifting 🙂 and humbling 🙂

Photography is eminently therapeutic but supremely addictive. Beware!

Music has its moments but sometimes only Silence will do.

Prayers come at the strangest hours, uncalled for and not always spiritual, but calming even when unanswered.

Love conquers much but you have to let it.

Snoring is just another form of breathing. Get used to it.

Rage is not always a bad thing.

Terror and terrorists will sadly outlive you and me 😦

Good movies are essential for sanity!

There’s always someone feeling worse than you are! Usually your spouse 😛

When all else fails…trust the BOOZE!!

A body deprived of sleep is like a soul deprived of salvation. Did I really type that? Jeepers…Mr. Fluey is getting away from me…must be the sleep-deprivation…

Mr. Fluey says Good Night…

Just to take the edge off all the tripe above…here’s something to make you feel good…No Words 😉

6 thoughts on “The Ramblings of Mr. Fluey…

  1. Awww, so THAT’S why you weren’t feeling bloggy….you were fluey! That explains EVERYthing my dear *pats H reassuringly on back*
    But you gotta admit, Mr Fluey has made you very wise. In fact, I shall make a poster of all your wisdoms and tape it to my door so I can read them every day and hopefully get as wise as you…..the easy, flu-less way!! 😀

    p.s beautiful flower pic. Hope you (and everyone else in the house who has the flu) get better asap!

    1. It’s an unexpected by-product of the Flu I find M…wisdom 😉 Well we are sort of hobbling towards the finish line as I mentioned…but the battalion of helpers that keep the household running is now succumbing……TRAGEDY!!!!

    1. Much better now physically Wendy! Thanks 🙂 But the incessant rains (we’re in peak Monsoon season) are finally beginning to get to me! Dreary, gloomy days and no sun in what seems like forever.

      Hugs, H.

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