Love or something like it…

We’re at that time of the year again…the Circus of Love will reach it’s grand culmination on Valentine’s Day! Don’t get me wrong…I love ‘Love’ as much as the next person and I love a good ‘Celebration’ even more, but somewhere in my past (avoiding the age issue people :P), I fell ‘out of love’ with what I like to think of as the ‘Business of Love’ that masquerades as the real thing these days. When did Love become all about giving gifts and sulking when you don’t receive them (although I’ve been guilty of that too way back when), about which restaurant is the ‘most happening’, about the size of bouquets and the largeness of diamonds (The bigger the better, I always thought that was a given ;-))?

I’m the first to admit, It feels great to receive gifts anytime of the year, but it saddens me to think see that Valentine’s has now become almost exclusively about those ‘gifts’ while the sentiment lies forgotten or worse ignored. It also bothers me that ‘Romantic Love’ seems to be the only kind of love celebrated, no doubt coz that’s what suits businesses the best! Love is Love people – One emotion, different forms 🙂 This Valentine’s Day, Hubby and I are apart, as indeed we often are when there’s something to celebrate, but I’m surrounded by Love, in all its forms and glory 🙂 I dug around my old posts to see whether I had done one on Valentine’s before (lazy as usual :P), and true to form found a paragraph on it here, which I reproduce now for those of you too lazy to click on the link 😉 but also coz my views on the matter remain unchanged!

Here goes, “February 14th – Valentine’s Day. I’ve long since stopped celebrating Love on one particular day of the year but have nothing against those who do. For me Love is a continuum, a constant presence – some days it’s a strong passion that overwhelms me and makes my heart flutter and my knees weak. Other days, it’s like a still river, placid with deep undercurrents, promising, seemingly calm but excitingly unpredictable. On still others, it’s light, frothy like mousse or souffle, delicate, fragile and delicious! For me Love is laughter, good books, good food and close friendships :) I’m lucky, I’ve found Love in abundance in my Life, and though I don’t always recognize it in its various guises, I am eternally grateful for its presence!”

And for my Hubby on this special day, a quote, I think is infinitely appropriate 😉 “Take each other for better or worse but not for granted.” – Arlene Dahl I know he’ll understand 😛

So Happy Valentine’s Day People 🙂 I hope you celebrate Love in any of its infinite forms 🙂

And because no-one does Love quite like Mr. Edward Monkton, here’s a Valentine from me to all my readers, who’ve stuck by me and been patient and understanding beyond the call of duty, who’ve forgiven my irregular posts, my insane ramblings and my grammatical mistakes 😛 and made me feel like a true writer for the very first time in my life 🙂 Your Love, Makes my Heart Explode!! Keep it coming People 😉 😀

9 thoughts on “Love or something like it…

  1. I kinda like the corny ‘little’ things a lot. ‘Big’ things make me uncomfortable, though I love to give and to receive. On special days, I don’t even really care what is given…..just the thought that someone thought of me and went out of their way to acknowledge their affection is enough 🙂
    An old boyfriend gave me a keychain with a description of my star sign on it. It didn’t cost much, but I cherished it!! It just made me feel all aglow 🙂
    There’s no denying that I love hubby and that he loves me…things chug along steadily as they are wont to do. But it takes a little something extra to add just a teeny weeny bit of a spark in an otherwise ho-hum existence, in fact, I’d go so far as to say….it even makes the bond stronger. But that’s just me.

    1. Oh yes M! That tingly feeling when you’re singled out by the one you love, is priceless 🙂 I just don’t think one has to do it on ‘a’ particular day for it to be special. I think we should celebrate Valentine’s Day every day all through the year…if you get what I mean 😉

  2. Here Here Harsha! Valentine’s these days is just commercial and nothing else……. I look at all my favourite restaurants and suddenly they are all offering ‘Special Valentines menus’ ….uhmmm isnt it just a disguise for a highly priced menu? The restauranteurs can make money and we are fooled into thinking that we have had a fantastically romantic evening with our loved ones.
    Nope, I will not be fooled into this trick…Verner and I shall go for dinner tomorrow or the next day so that we can enjoy the food that we want to enjoy (as opposed to be forced to eat from a fixed menu) and we wont love each other any less for doing so….

    1. So true Leanne!! I’m so glad you and Verner feel that way. Kudos! It’s hard to stay away from all the hype, hard to remember that it’s ‘Love’ we’re celebrating and weren’t we all taught as children that Love had nothing to do with material things? How quickly we forget!

  3. Well said H! expressions of love should not be confined to roses and gifts only. But to find the signs of love in small gestures is what really matters.
    very well written!

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