The “Oscar” Lady!

The pictures are from Google. The collage is mine!

I have had a happily busy weekend and so haven’t been able to watch the Oscar’s yet. But if I must confess…don’t know that I would have watched them if I had known they were this weekend 😉 What can I say…the Oscars have long since ceased to excite. When I was younger, I would wait with bated breath for “Oscar’ night – to see all the ‘Stars’ in their glamour, the fantastical gowns, the crisp tuxedos, the over-the-top jewellery – all so far removed from my mundane, gown-less life!! For that one night I could and would pretend to be a part of their world, shake my head wisely at the nominations and clap knowledgably when the winners were announced, as if privy to the results long before the rest of the world of us mere mortals 😛 I think the appeal was so strong because for the longest of times, the show wasn’t available here in India. My Mom (they lived in Singapore then) would record the shows for me and my brother and I would sit and watch them together with the mandatory ‘coke and popcorn’ when I visited Singapore for my holidays. Those were happy days indeed. With time, glamour ceased to be the potent hook it once was, perhaps because it became ubiquitous where once it had been exclusive, or perhaps because it’s definition changed with time. More often overt sexuality (not that I have an issue with women flaunting it), was interpreted as glamour and crass humor as wit, which just wasn’t my thing. Call me old fashioned but I missed the days when Billy Crystal used to host and the humor was sharp but witty; when it was hard to predict winners coz all the performances were truly formidable; when ‘Stars’ would truly shine. Still do. Or perhaps it’s just that over time the appeal of Hollywood has dimmed and Awards (of all kinds) have become less important to me!

Whatever my feelings for awards in general, my admiration for Meryl Streep has endured over the years. How can it not? She’s my kind of Diva – a Sun in a Galaxy of Stars 😛 I remember watching Kramer vs Kramer at a time when I was too young to appreciate the finer nuances of anything, much less adult relationships or marriage. It was only in retrospect that I understood how good she was, coz she made me hate her so much in the movie! I haven’t watched every movie she’s ever made, although I probably should (coz what an education that would be), but I’ve watched a few over the years, and have never been disappointed. I’ve recently watched Mamma Mia and Julie & Julia (a huge favourite) and her appeal remains as fresh as ever, her talent – phenomenal as ever and her light shining brighter than ever! She’s my kind of woman, intelligent, talented and always modest about her achievements without seeming arrogant. She’s played Margaret Thatcher in her latest and indeed who better? Her ability to disappear into the character she plays is legend and I think that’s what I love most of all – I forget I’m watching an actor ‘play’ a part as she effortlessly ‘becomes’ the character! And she’s 63 people! Look at her!! She’s so gorgeous – my kind of beautiful – classic, quiet elegance, a warm open smile and intelligently expressive eyes. Add to that her formidable talent and filmography – what’s not to love?! I’m so glad she’s won again after all these years (17 apparently. That long? What were they thinking?!), coz although I haven’t seen The Iron Lady yet, I know she must deserve it.

So here is to Ms. Meryl Streep – A true “Oscar” Lady!

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