International Evening @ Podar

My Little Parrot 🙂

Yesterday, Ishaan’s school had an International Evening, for which yours truly had to go scouting for a bird costume! Yeah…the kids were doing The Animal Boogie song and my son was a bird 🙂 So, after managing to source a parrot costume and practicing at home (endless prancing around the house and on the bed singing at the top of our voices :P), I dropped him off and settled down with the other Moms to enjoy the event. It was an hour-long wait, until the Principal arrived and after a few short announcements, declared the Fete open.

Every grade had a stall in which they displayed their chosen concepts and themes. It was quite an eye-opener in terms of how confident and put together they seemed, even the first-graders 🙂 and how well thought out and presented their ideas. The Pre-Primary section (the pre-schoolers), did a song and dance routine as I mentioned earlier. I watched proudly as Ishaan and his friends sang their Animal Boogie with the effortless enthusiasm that only children seem to possess 🙂 They were all adorable and here’s the video to prove it! Ishaan is in the upper left corner next to the teacher, although for the most part, only the giant parrot head of his costume can be seen bobbing to the music 😛

Then we were off for a tour of the stalls. One was a ‘Country’ in itself, called ‘Estrella’, which means ‘Star’ in Spanish; complete with its own constitution, culture, and citizens; founded on the concept of universality – which the students described as equality for all. They were very popular, although I think their offerings of food and live music might have had to do something with that 😉

There was a stall on Organic food where 4th graders taught us how to detect adulterations in food stuff. Did you know that if you sprinkle salt on a slice of raw potato and squeeze a bit of lemon juice on it, a light bluish tinge indicated that the salt indeed contains iodine like it should? Pretty cool that! They even had a student dressed up as a lawyer who we were informed would take up any complaints we might have about the quality of our produce!

Another stall I enjoyed was The Fu-School (Fu being short for Future! Of course;)), where a bunch of 7th graders walked us through their vision of a school of the future, with playgrounds in the air (an innovative use of anti-gravity to make up for a lack of ground space!); shoes that doubled as storage, eco-friendly Tri-bikes with built-in speed limits for safety; beautiful recycled paper jewellery; and smart backpacks with sensors that beep when they cross an accepted weight limit! Truly an iSchool for the Future this! And aptly named PTS – Pathway To Success 🙂 They had even invented their own alphabet and we were invited to play scrabble with the letters! We won a few chocolates which was rather nice! Took me right back to my school days 🙂 

We couldn’t visit all the stalls, there were so many of them – stalls featuring futuristic medical devices, music therapy, art, environmental issues, fitness, alternate sources of energy, living in outer space, wildlife protection and many more. But the children were done with their singing and exhausted from all the dancing and excitement. It was a great evening though and one that showcased the children and their creativity. It was their time to shine and they rose brilliantly to the occasion. Kudos to all the teachers and staff for their hard-work and inspirational guidance! Congratulations to the students – our bright young minds of the Future. We’re depending on you to do a better job than we’ve done so far 😉 Well Done Podar!! Keep up the good work 🙂

Well Done Podar!! Keep up the good work 🙂

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