I never thought I would be writing a post like this ever.  But just when you think you’ve seen all there is to see, Life throws you a curve ball that might as well have come on from another planet for all its suddenness. But I will be honest, this post is more for my own sanity than in memoriam…I just don’t know how else to deal with all these crazy emotions right now. So I’m doing the only thing I am half decent at – writing – and hoping that somehow it will prove therapeutic.

We lost a family member this week – unexpectedly, tragically & horrendously at the hands of another. I’m not getting into details about how and what and when, coz this isn’t about that. Nor the why, coz frankly all we have are theories none of which I want to discuss here. Suffice it to say that we have now lost two family members through a senseless, heinous act of violence. We, none of us, saw this coming, although in retrospect, we feel we should have done something, could have done something. Retrospect, I’m beginning to hate the word. Why does everything have to be so much clearer in retrospect when what we really need is clarity in the present? Why?

I heard about what had happened yesterday morning, and last night, after an endless day of phone calls and discussions, I found myself all keyed up, a nervous wreck, wide awake until at 3.30 am, when I forced myself to try and get some shut eye. We were never close, the two of us, but we were family and that means something. I close my eyes and I can see her face and feel her pain. Everything seems so unreal and bizarre; it’s hard to believe it ever really happened at all. How did things come to this? How did we let this happen? Did we let this happen? Was this our fault somehow? Why couldn’t we save her? And the other? Both. Why? Why? Why? Surely, surely there must have been some way we could have prevented this double tragedy? The questions just run in an endless loop in my head, and there are no answers. None that make any sense anyhow.

The first thing I did when I came to know is call my Mom of course. Who else would I call? I had to break the news to her, and she was stunned and shocked and we said the inane things people say to each other on such occasions – empty platitudes to comfort ourselves, to trick our minds into believing the world is still a sane place. But try as you might there are some things that defy rational thought. They are inexplicable and secretly I think we would prefer them to stay that way – coz if we can actually rationalize them, isn’t that the scariest thing? What does that say about who we are? Am I rambling? Of course I am. Forgive me…it’s just…it is what it is and I’m just exhausted from all this thinking.

I’m not sure what I’m feeling at the moment…there’s a toxic cocktail of emotions – grief, rage, frustration, despair, an immense sadness and exhaustion that I feel deep within my bones – and all of it weighing down on me, crushing my spirit. There’s a restlessness that makes me want to pick up the phone and talk to Mom mingled with the need to forget the whole thing ever happened. There’s so much confusion in my head – I don’t know what I believe any more. I understand that this too will pass. I have my own little family to look after and eventually the acuteness will give way to a dull, ever-present ache. But this will never go away. Ever. And the fact that it happened at all has changed something within me that I can’t quite define. Perhaps I will trust less – in people and in my judjment of them, be more watchful, if I’m lucky I’ll stop before the paranoia sets in…but things will never again be quite the same. I never imagined in my most horrific nightmares that my family would have to go through such trying times. The media circus, the brutal nature of the crime, and ultimately the utter waste of two lives ruined for no good reason – this is not a good time for my family.

We need prayers. We need calm. We need some semblance of normal. We need for all of this to go away so we can get a good night’s sleep. All I can think of to say to the one who is gone – Rest in Peace. May you find happiness now wherever you are and know that you will be remembered always in our hearts.

Here is something I wrote last night when I couldn’t sleep…

griefDarkness falls,

The sun eclipsed,

The moon in shadow,

Dreams lie doomed,

On the stone cold floor.

How quiet she lies,

Unheard, unsung,

Voice forever silenced,

On the stone cold floor.

Lifeless she lies,

No  breath, just death,

Still and icy,

Heart  lies bleeding

On the stone cold floor.

Crushed to the bone,

Deathly still,

Spirit rising immortal,

From the stone cold floor.

Rest in peace now Gentle one,

Freedom awaits…

Beyond the stone cold floor.

6 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. i am soo sorry Harsha.Clearly you are so upset.I do not know the background ,but the mind is a very precious thing we take for granted .Our society is so difficult to understand and perfection is whst everyone potrays though it is the imperfections that we should be proud of.
    I dont think anyone could have changed any thing and it was horrible..but its over.RIP
    This is greif and you will overcome it , but you dont have to change in any way.
    I dont know if I make sense at all..I know you are in pain and just want to comfort you.
    Take care Beena

    1. Thanks Beena. You know I wasn’t close to the person we list but the circumstances surrounding her death are just so horrendous…we are all disturbed. I will inbox you the story later.
      Thank you for your words sweetie. As always they bring me hope and comfort. I wrote because last night I couldn’t sleep at all and I didn’t know what else to do. Wasn’t sure whether to post but certainly didn’t want to have the details out in the public. Still I think writing was a good idea…I feel a little lighter now, although it’s going to take a while to get back to normal for all of us.
      Love you hamesha ❤

  2. H…I don’t know what to say. My heart was in my throat and almost stopped beating altogether as I read your post. I feel shocked and a bit numb thinking of the crime itself. You have made me hate the word ‘retrospect’ too, and you have made me think……
    How responsible are we for lives that are connected to us by blood? Lives that after all, ARE separate, secret, that we have no clue about. How far and how deep can we go to see what lurks in the hearts of our very own family members…?
    I agree with what you say about the ability to rationalize….it sickens me to witness it. You’re right, it is a scary thing at some level…..
    I am so sorry for your loss, irreparable in so many ways….I wish I could think of the proper way to condole such a death, but all I can say is, I feel your grief. Your poem made me cry.
    I hope that you find some calm very soon…
    Hugs and prayers.

    1. M…tight hugs darling for making me feel a better. This whole thing has left us all so wounded…

      I was talking to Mom and telling her how we should’ve been able to stop this and she was saying how even within family there are limits, boundaries one must respect…and I can accept that but I cannot believe that we should let that stop us from helping people who clearly need help.

      I feel we failed this person, we should’ve saved her…we should’ve found a way…somehow, anyhow…and now…it’s too late…and that poem…I was crying too..

  3. Two things struck me ! One we each have our own little family to care for and two , how responsible are we for the lives that are connected to ours by blood ? Do we accept the privacy boundaries easily because it makes life easier to handle? And even if so is that not justified that we take care of our primary responsibilities first? And is there not a limit to what we can do ? And yet and yet I too feel we failed…….. we the strong and powerful in intellect and stability to not know psychosis when we hear of it? And will I interfere more in the future.. how will I know if I’m right or being judgemental …..Questions that go around and around my head too lie the fox in the story of the little red hen….

    1. Exactly Mugdha…I struggle with these questions too! And you hit the nail on the head when you said, we accept the privacy boundaries because it makes life easier for us. It absolves us of guilt (allegedly), coz we can always say…we did what we could, how could we have done more? And yet when something like this happens…we are forced to consider the fact that we should have done more even if it were to be construed as interference because the alternative is unacceptable na? I just can’t seem to pull myself out of this morass…how does one go on after something like this?

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