Monkton Mondays

This is a sober start to the week. The week that was has been grim and life changing in a gruesome way. My family is battling to rise above a horrific tragedy and it’s going to take a long while before we can feel whole and sane again.

I didn’t think I would post today but then I realized that I have to make the effort myself. No one else can do my ‘getting over it’ for me. And so this is why, this picture from Mr. Monkton…The Penguin of Death. It’s a subtle reminder to not take anything in Life for granted, and most importantly Life itself…coz we don’t know what’s waiting round the next corner nor it seems what lurks in the hearts of the ones we love and trust. For all we know, they may be reincarnations of The Death Penguin!

The Penguin of Death


I hope it’s a good week ahead – for you and for me.

Stay safe People.

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