Monkton Mondays!

This weekend has quite literally been ‘tornado-like’! My ‘Mommy Gang’ from Goa descended onto Mumbai with a gusto and conquered the city in a whirlwind of shopping, dining and dancing, while Dads babysitted petulant children!! I was along for the ride and consumed prodigious amounts of the ‘good stuff’ 😛 and danced until my knees gave way 😀 No shopping though…not for myself…although I enjoyed watching them go about theirs in a very efficient, almost clinical manner! So exhilarating for the most part, although exhausting!! Visited places I’ve never been to before…Yauatcha, Royalty, China House, F-Bar, and revisited old favorites Olive and Bungalow 9So a very HAPPY weekend but hopefully a quiet week ahead – I need my R & R 🙂

Is it any wonder that this one from Mr. Monkton seemed an utterly appropriate way to describe my Girly Weekend capers?!! Especially when I spent most of the weekend in Delicious Dippiness? 😉 Cheers to the worlds of Happy Chaos 😉

The Dippy Donkey

Have a great week ahead People 🙂

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