Monkton Mondays!

I’ve had a fun weekend – Saturday I attended my first Bookclub and met a lovely set of women and Sunday was restful – lounging at home, trying to cool down, escaping from the muggy, oppressive heat that has taken over Bombay 😦 I shudder to think of April & May – still to come, before the Monsoons (if they are on time!), bring us some much needed relief. If all goes well, won’t be here in May πŸ˜€

Weather like this makes me lazy, as in lazier than I already am πŸ˜‰ I feel rather British now, seeing as this post is going to be almost all about the weather πŸ˜› Well, “In for a penny, In for a pound!” so why stop now? Anyways, it makes me lazy and languid and somnolent – the perfect combination for thinking deep thoughts! No?! You sure?! I can imagine Mr. Monkton being in just such a state when he wrote this little pearl of wisdom πŸ˜› What do you think?

Deep Thought

I’m feeling rather like a chicken myself right now! One that’s being rotisseried to a golden crisp for others to enjoy πŸ˜‰

I hope the weather’s better where you’re at!!

Have a cool week ahead People!

6 thoughts on “Monkton Mondays!

    1. Isn’t it strange that I’m craving for snow while boiling away in this heat?! Or perhaps it’s not so strange at all! I hope you get better weather soon πŸ™‚

  1. Poor chicken – wings only good for eating :-/
    Can’t imagine going back to Miami to relive the heat you’re feeling. On the other hand, it’s been a long winter, and we’re expecting a foot of snow to stack up by mid-week. Funny how the weather doesn’t ask us what we’d like…

    1. Now that’s a Deep Thought right there!

      If only we could balance out our temperatures, we would both be happier! And although I’m longing for the Monsoons now, I can assure you when they actually arrive – I will be cribbing about all the flooding and the eternal dampness πŸ˜›

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