Monkton Mondays!

Here we go again! A quiet weekend during which I had one conversation with Mom, which as always reminded me about the loneliness that often accompanies old age. Even in the presence of well- intentioned and loving family and friends, we are, all of us, in essence, truly alone. It’s hard for Mom, living as she has chosen to do in a large house (much too large for 3 senior citizens), with two people of dwindling speech, to find ways to amuse herself. She’s a text-book introvert too which does nothing to help her cause! And it pains me that I don’t seem to be able to help. I have solutions of course – just none that are acceptable to her! 

As you can see, the conversation wasn’t a very happy one, but miraculously we didn’t get into an argument 😛 In any event – what I need desperately and what she does too (although she’s not going to see this post) is some good old Monkton magic to lighten the mood and perk up our spirits 🙂 So here goes…The Cow of Wisdom

See?! I feel so much better after that Mooing session 😉

Have a great week ahead People, and anytime you feel overwhelmed – just find a spot and MOO 😛

3 thoughts on “Monkton Mondays!

  1. Even for an introvert, loneliness can be terribly depressing. My husband and I are fairly introverted, and when we moved here, we were 450 miles from the closest people we knew. And we work from home. And we don’t drink/party. It’s been a very slow friend-making and community-building process, but we’re getting a support network in place, and really, the online community you build is very helpful too 🙂 Is there any way your mom could do “the internets?”
    Also, feeling much better post-moo 😉

    1. You’re spot on about that online community! I would be miserable without mine!

      I’ve been trying to get Mom online since forever but between taking care of m Dad and my Gran…she doesn’t have the time although I feel it’s also a lack of inclination. The best I can do for now is visit as often as I can, we try to every quarter. Being around my on turns her into an entirely different, happy person 🙂

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