I’m Back!

I’m back!! Hopefully some of you have missed me πŸ˜‰ while I have been having the time of my life on vacation πŸ˜› No really! I missed you too!

There’s good news and bad news (isn’t there always?) – lets just get the bad news out of the way first shall we? My laptop has died on me 😦 Yup. It’s dead, and although I will be able to retrieve my hard disk and hopefully recover my data…I’m going to be without one for the first time in nearly a decade. Not easy and certainly not very nice. Still, thanks to the iPad, I don’t have to be cut off from my virtual world entirely. That would be a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions indeed! That’s the good news, sort of.

What irritates most is the fact that I’m stuck in Goa with a hard disk full of vacation pictures that I had planned to edit and sort while here, to go with my blog posts. Now that will just have to wait until the new laptop arrives, which will take a while 😦 so until then, I’m afraid I’ll just have to make do with the few pics I have on my phone…or not.

But I don’t want to put off posting any longer, so here goes! This May, we visited Lisbon, Albufeira and other towns in Portugal‘s Algarve region, and London. We own a holiday home in Albufeira, a compact 2-BHK on the Marina that my son and I had never visited before! What a wonderful time we had! Portugal is such a throwback to the Golden Age of Goa πŸ™‚ From the beautiful, elegant vibe of Lisbon to the relaxed yet hip vibe of Albufeira; From the mingling of Oceans at Sagres to the fruit-laden citrus orchards on the way to Faro; every moment was exciting – full of discovery, wonder and fun πŸ™‚ What I loved so much about Portugal was its simplicity – the warm and friendly people, the lack of obvious consumerism, the leisurely pace of life, the pristine beaches of The Algarve, the stunning pottery, vinho verde, the utterly enchanting Tagus riverfront, the wild flowers dotting the countryside, the pretty white cottages and villas with colourful gardens, the gigantic yet fragrant roses, the fabulous food, the formidable history, the juicy local strawberries, the hip vibe of Bairo Alto, Rossio and Chiado, the stunning tile work that is famous the world over…the list is never ending πŸ˜‰ In a nutshell, it felt familiar and comfortable – it felt like Home πŸ™‚

Blue all around!
Albufeira Beach as Sunset approaches...
Albufeira Beach at Sunset

Every morning I would walk down the Marina to the Ocean inhaling the crisp sea-scented breeze and sit staring at the waves and watching the gulls play. Never tired of the sight – the vast expanse of turquoise ‘neath an azure sky and the morning silence punctuated only by the squawking of gulls. It energised and soothed me at the same time πŸ™‚ I knew that first morning, that I could do this for the rest of my days and never tire. Here is what I wrote after sitting on the edge of the Ocean on that first day!

“Walked along the Marina to the fisher men’s dock…such beauty and quietitude πŸ™‚ I sat and watched the occasional humans walking, jogging and cycling past, I watched the noisy gulls skim the water surface looking for fishy remains?! But mostly I just stared out at the mesmerising blue-green…watching the deceptively gentle flow of the water as it flowed endlessly. Water has such constant motion doesn’t it? It’s never the same from one moment to the next, always a state of flux and yet so seemingly at peace with itself. I sat on the edge of the world or that’s how it seemed, and thought about how it was the perfect setting for contemplating life and then thought immediately about how in such a setting…there is no need for thought or contemplation at all! Everything pales in significance to the vastness and depth of oceans. No problem can compete, and one gets the feeling that a solution will ride in on the turn of the tide! Such is the ocean. You have to feel it to understand. I did. How strange that I thought of myself as a mountain girl while in my heart – the Ocean sings.”

We’ve decided to go back again next year for obvious reasons! Can’t hardly wait πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. We missed you, but consoled ourselves with the idea of you having a ball in Portugal! πŸ˜› No, really!!!
    So sorry to hear about the sad demise 😦 But hey, you have a new laptop to look forward to, so that makes up for a slight delay!
    Pix are utterly gorgeous! It all sounds (and looks) idyllic to say the least…not surprised you’d want to go back there again at all!
    Can imagine the peace…even your words evoke it πŸ™‚

    1. Hahahaha…M πŸ™‚ Have missed you achingly!! No really ;)<3

      And you absolutely MUST visit Portugal!! I just know it will be your kind of place πŸ™‚ and you can have the use of our apartment in Albufeira any time!! I mean it! Start planning girl!!

  2. Oh my gosh, if these are just the pictures on your phone I am so extremely excited to see the rest! It sounds like it was absolutely amazing, refreshing, a reboot on life!
    I was just thinking about you, wondering when you were returning, I am so happy to see something from you today. You were missed!! Welcome home and back to the net. Sad to hear about your laptop, but so nice you have alternative means πŸ™‚ I used my sister’s iPad last weekend to update a post and it was not ideal, but it worked!

    1. Thank you πŸ˜€ it feels so wonderful to be back and reconnect πŸ™‚

      The iPad is alrite but as you said not ideal for posts and here in Goa where I am for the next month, my Internet connection is painfully slow 😦 But am getting a stand-in laptop this Saturday so I can start working on all my pictures! I’m excited coz on such long vacations, you forget the pictures you’ve taken sometimes and seeing them again is like being on Holiday all over again!

      I can tell you I have a lot of zoo animal pictures coz Junior wanted to visit a zoo every place we went πŸ˜‰

  3. How did I miss this blog? It didn’t come through in my reader until today 😦
    Anyway, so glad you’re back! And I’m super happy for your fantastic time away. I looks absolutely lovely. I think there’s a primal urge to be near water. I know when I’m visiting family who live inland (like I’m doing now) that I miss my coast! Your words make me want to visit Portugal now…but there are lots of places ahead of it on the list πŸ˜‰
    Welcome back!!!

    1. Hey Heather!! My Internet woes continue with the start of the Monsoons here in Goa. although I have a new Samsung laptop while waiting for my Mac πŸ™‚ Can finally get around to viewing the vacation pics!

      Maybe us humans have that urge coz that’s where we begin – so to speak?! You must visit…especially when you want to just chill…gorgeous place πŸ™‚ So good to be back πŸ™‚ Have to catch up on my reading of your posts too! Hope the Internet cooperates!

  4. I think it’s cruel to advertise your back-ness, and then not be back πŸ˜‰
    Miss your banter and hope things are going well on your side of this blue-green spheroid πŸ™‚

    1. I’m so sorry about the vanishing act Heather 😦 and very touched that you miss me enough to nudge me awake πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

      What with the move and the constant chatter of a 5-yr-old on vacation (for one whole month more no less!!! 😳), my nerves are ragged and brain addled. Don’t get a moments peace to gather my thoughts and on the rare occasion I do – they’re not ones I want to share, if you get what I’m saying!

      But I miss writing too – it’s my therapy. Have managed to organise some pics from the vacation finally! Will post ASAP! Thank you for not abandoning my little dot of blue-green spheroid πŸ™‚

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