Take52 Challenge: Week 3 – Routine

This week’s theme ‘Routine’ was harder than one might imagine. Or perhaps it’s just me, challenged by the thought of making mundane ‘routine’ events into interesting pictures! I wanted to do something different from the routine take on ‘routine’ [this is becoming ridiculous!], and so took a few shots while going about my daily routine…like these…

And although all of them represented routine…none of them felt ‘differently routine’ πŸ˜› Finally thought of this and it’s what I chose as my theme pic. Books are very very routine to me, but I thought the definition of the word in Hubby’s Portuguese-English dictionary was rather a fun take on the theme. Perhaps the fact that ‘rowdy’ is on the same page had something to do with it? πŸ˜‰

Hope you like it!


8 thoughts on “Take52 Challenge: Week 3 – Routine

  1. Isn’t funny when you feel like you have to have a unique interpretation of a challenge? I liked your routine collage, but your book shot is lovely and very fitting. The texture of the page pops out, and I love the rainbow of color in the background.

    1. Thanks Heather! It is rather! Glad you like the shot…have been wanting to do a good book shot after seeing a few from the group last week.

      That background by the way is Junior’s multicoloured kiddie Ikea chair that i used to climb on to the table and take the shot πŸ˜› I use it often!

  2. I was wondering what language that was. I knew it wasn’t Spanish. AsI said in the group-very creative. I like the other photos too. Nice job.

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