Monkton Mondays!

I didn’t step out of the house this weekend. Really…not even to do grocery shopping! It’s just been that kind of weekend. For those of you who remember, I spent last week with Junior – exclusively, 24/7 – well it took it’s toll and I’m now down with a cold, which while giving me a sexy voice a la Depp & Downey (I can dream can’t I?), has also bestowed upon me the ignominy of a million sneezes. C’est la vie mes ami…for all I know it’s not a virus, but divine retribution for complaining about having Junior all to myself for a whole entire week! Junior on the other hand came through the ordeal swimmingly, no sneezes on the horizon as far as I can see! *Mommy Halo* 😉

Can I also just say that I’m very irritated with the Hubby, who after a whole week away in which he missed Junior’s Sports Day and first somersault, spent the entire weekend staring at the computer screen? Surely I’m allowed to feel RAGE?!!! Futile though it may be 😛 Oh don’t worry…I haven’t killed him or anything…not yet 😉 Can you tell I’m being overly explicit because I know he will read this although he won’t tell me he did? Yup…am sending him a message…a strong one…coz he’s off away again this time for the weekend as well! Now do you see? Well, just to be fair…he did play cricket with Junior as per their weekend schedule, which is why he is still alive 😛 *Wifey Horns* 😛

So anyway…as you can see, I’m in a strange kinda indeterminate mood…probably from a combination of irritation, incessant sneezing & ‘low oxygenation’, a phrase that Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars knows well! Finished the book on Sunday morning and I must say, was extremely impressed by how intuitive and funny John Green’s writing is 🙂 Although the story is tragic, it is rooted firmly in life and he tackles it with just the right balance of humour and poignancy while avoiding all manner of preachiness. That is tough to do. It reminded me of Juno – different story but similar irreverently sensitive treatment. For me it touched a very personal chord – I know my brother felt and thought a lot of the things the kids in the book do. Being terminal for whatever reason will do that to you I suppose. I can only imagine. This was difficult for me to read at times but also unputdownable! 

On a happier note – started my second 1000 piece puzzle last evening 🙂  This one is a glow-in-the-dark one and I’m quite excited to see whether it really does as it says! Felt good running the pieces through my fingers and separating out the edge-pieces! Got one side done too! Also watched quite a few Marple episodes online…she isn’t a great favourite of mine…but Christie is Christie and I had fun trying to remember what happened next. As Ms. Ariadne Oliver’s would say, I’m an ‘Elephant’ and I do remember! Don’t bother with that sentence if you’re not a Christie fan 😉

And so that brings me and you (Thankfully I’m sure!) to the reason why you’ve tolerated all the %&*#$ above 😉 Mr. Monkton! And because I am in the mood I am, this is what spoke to me this week…


I want to be a Dragon. I am that Hair! I love that Hair! I still want to be a dragon. Oh Whatever!

Go be Dragons People! Or be Hair! What do I care? 😉

Happy Monday 😀 

2 thoughts on “Monkton Mondays!

  1. I guess the answer to your last question really depends on of we’re your husband or not 😉
    Am amused at your not-so-subtle nagging. As far as head dressings are concerned, I think it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish a halo from horns…you have to be in just the right light, otherwise they looks just the same 🙂
    I might have to add that book to the reading list. I recently finished SK’s latest, which was a follow-up to “The Shining.” I liked it, but am ready for something with more substance.
    Hope this week goes well, and leaves you sniffle and sneeze free! (And not in need of antibiotics!)

    1. Hahahah Heather…I’m glad one of us is amused! Though I have a sneaky suspicion Hubby is too! He never takes me seriously that man 😛 And I do agree…lighting is everything 😉

      I haven’t read SK in decades!! I’m planning on reading Americanah next! LOVE Chimamanda Adiche and it comes highly recommended. It’s more of a tome though – you know what I mean? Read TFIOS when you can…well written.

      Sneezing hard as I type :/ But am hoping this is the worst of it!

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