The Savoury Bakes Workshop with Nandita Iyer

I’m beginning to rely on the inimitable Dr. Iyer for my food photography fix! Yesterday I attended my third workshop with her – Savoury Baking. Since I’m not fond of sweets this workshop was perfectly suited to my needs. I love savouries and the sight of a perfectly baked quiche is rapturous to say the least 🙂 Which is precisely what we did! Baked a quiche I mean among other stuff which included Golden Cornbread Muffins that packed a subtle jalapeño punch; a Cheese & Walnut savoury cake that was surprisingly light and luscious; and some crispy, salty crackers that are fast becoming my new addiction 😛

As I’ve said in my previous post, Nandita is a fantastic teacher and a very warm and fun person to be with. She holds the classes in her beautiful home and graciously shares her private space with us eager beavers! What I really love about the classes other than learning new dishes and meeting new people, is that I get to indulge my passion for photography! As a friend of mine said – Baking and Photography seem made for each other 🙂 They are so wonderfully complimentary! Am already looking ahead to next time 🙂

Here are the pictures, collages this time of the scrumptious treats we baked! And for the food enthusiasts among you, do check out Nandita’s food blog at Saffron Trail for details of future workshops, her youtube channel and some great recipes!

6 thoughts on “The Savoury Bakes Workshop with Nandita Iyer

  1. Your food collages are beautiful! They could be used in advertisements if she ever does repeat classes. I’m not normally a quiche person, but I wouldn’t mind having a slice for breakfast today. Mmmmmm.

    1. Aaaaw Heather…you are too kind 🙂 She does take repeats but she also takes pictures 😉 That quiche was awesome, but my favourite were the muffins – got to love those jalapeños! Do you cook often?

      1. I really enjoy cooking, and cook most days. Sometimes it’s complicated and interesting; sometimes it’s just simple. But I like the idea of sharing love through food. And jalapenos in cornbread really are the best 🙂 (With some cheddar, of course. Because I’m American and we apparently eat cheese with everything according to the rest of the world!)

      2. We Indians have turned that into an art – the sharing love through food thing I mean! Food is everywhere and everything 😉

        I made the muffins again yesterday and they were awesome. Didn’t have jalapeños so substituted green chillies instead – more bite!

        Cheese! Yum!! Have found a lovely sharp cheddar in the supermarket here a while ago. I hope they keep stocking it 🙂 Cheese makes everything better 😛

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