Monkton Mondays!

It’s that time of year again! February’s here and the World will go crazy in 645px-Love_Heart_SVG.svg or at least pretend to 😉 Come Valentine’s Day, all those who are lucky in Love will celebrate and those that are not will hang down their heads and cry…I suppose…or hold them high and celebrate for all I know 😛 I have no problems with Love and even less of a problem with celebrating it, but these days, it seems like everyone celebrates it because it’s what’s expected somehow, because they want to feel like they belong. I also don’t like how Valentine’s Day has become almost exclusively about ‘romantic’ love! Just my personal opinion – feel free to hold your own!

I have known my husband for 25 years. We’ve been married 22 of those. Our love has been fluid through the course of our relationship – as a lubricant when there was need for compromise; like water – for dousing out those infernal arguments; a fuel – for you know when 😉 It’s also been the glue that has held us together; the rubber band that has allowed us our space when we needed it; and the hope that keeps us afloat in the many storms that Life sends our way. And that’s how it been in ALL my relationships – with my Parents, my Gran, my friends and now with my Son…Love does what it can to show me a good time if I let it! If I don’t interfere too much, it generally knows best, even if I don’t see it at the time 😛

And so here is a collection of Valentine Day messages in inimitable Monkton-style…messages that I would love to send and receive on VD if I were into that sort of thing 😉 

Happy Monday People!

Celebrate LOVE…Everyday! Always & Forever, Won’t you? ❤

6 thoughts on “Monkton Mondays!

  1. Tony and I decided long ago that we didn’t need a special day to celebrate love. I’m glad we don’t make a big deal out of one day, because you’re right about the fluidity of love. It’s important all days. Especially days when I tune out the world and read and do do pictures and blog, and days when he plays guitar and video games 🙂 But, happiest of Valentine’s Days to you while you’re celebrating all your loved ones!

    1. May Love always find you too mon ami 🙂 But it will of that I’m sure…coz doesn’t it always, when we let it?

      This VD, Hubby will be in Goa…it’s another long week ahead for me with Junior all to myself :/ Hopefully the last for a long while 😛

  2. So very well put up! Love can be expressed through so many innumerable ways..through talks, gestures, sacrifices, compromises which are a part of our daily life. Having a candle light dinner with a bunch of roses proud;y sitting next to you isn’t really a fruitful way to display ones’ affection….

    Well, you have a great week…with your love of life!

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