Take52 Challenge: Week 13 – Delicate

Delicate – such a deceptive word. I’ve always thought that. Like petite. It conjures up images of things easily broken, damaged; suggests a lack of inherent strength, of ‘hardiness’ – in both things and people. And although in many cases this may be true, in many others I find that the inherent strength of the delicate (whether objects or humans), far exceeds that of the obviously strong – whether physically or mentally. Christie used women in ‘delicate’ health all the time and they never seemed to die on their own! No indeed – they never died until someone tired of waiting and went about murdering them 😛 Perhaps that’s where I first learned to beware the word? 😉 And if you’ve ever worked with babies like I have, you’ll know all about their iron grip!

This past week – Delicate was also the theme of the Challenge. I didn’t want to go the obvious route (when do I ever?!), but explore the ‘delicateness’ in the abstract – our minds, our hearts, our thoughts, our dreams, our egos – seemingly fragile yet capable of herculean strength when needed. I thought of the dream catcher I brought back from my trip to the Grand Canyon. It has hung from my bedroom window in every house I’ve lived in since – swaying gently in the breeze, filtering my dreams, protecting me from nightmares or so I like to think 🙂 I love it though and I love the thought of it and it seemed to fit the theme. It did help that it had a few delicate beads and feathers! I added the quote because it’s a favourite but also because I’m still learning to let ‘negative space’ just be! I’m working on it, I promise 😛 Here it is…Delicate Dreams…


And once I was done with the Challenge, I decided to take a few shots of the weeds in the gardens – another deceptively delicate species 😉

What’s your take on ‘Delicate’? Share! Do! 

12 thoughts on “Take52 Challenge: Week 13 – Delicate

  1. Hope is a very delicate thing indeed, so easily crushable, yet can be so tenacious too. All the pictures are nice but my favourite is the hibiscus…positively lyrical, the flower itself and especially your composition 🙂

    1. There’s just something about the hibiscus flower isn’t there M!!! I remember I went quite crazy taking pictures when I first got my DSLR. I love the delicate curve of the stamen on this one. Yes…tenacious is the word M. It’s a good quality to have methinks. Nay – an essential requisite!

  2. Your words make me think of bird bones and sand dollars. Delicate structures that are nevertheless strong. And those whimsical weeds. The sure look delicate, but they are some of the toughest plants alive, thriving in some of the harshest environments.

    1. 🙂 The first time I realised that delicate can be strong was when I began to learn about my Granny’s life. She was married off to the wrong man at the delicate age of 16 and was a mother at 17…she left her husband soon after and moved into her brother’s house where she looked after a huge joint family with panache and an iron hand I have no doubt 😉 It was all so alien to me…and yet here she was…the strongest woman in my Universe! She’s always been my role model and I know it’s only because of her that I am who I am today! I’m not delicate in any obvious sense of the word though…I wish I could be! Granny was a beauty…wish she could have shared more kindly her genes 😛 😉

  3. Wonderful post Harsha!
    You have dissected the word ‘delicate’.. well so delicately 🙂
    With a treasure trove full of images to choose from, it sure must have been a difficult task. I like each and every image you have put above equally well!

    1. Wow! Thanks Ausaf!! I value your input and rely on your comments to better my photography 🙂 I fell in love with the weeds as I began to notice how beautiful they were! A beauty so different from flowers in bloom…a delicate beauty that shies away from glory but is nevertheless a joy to behold!

  4. Lovely shots! And Hibiscus is sooooo delicate! How about the fingers of a new born baby holding the fingers of mother delicately! And how about a dainty bracelet on a delicate hand! 😉

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