Monkton Mondays!

It’s been a while since I was away…you know how it goes…you go a vacation and no matter how short, it takes days to prepare before and weeks to get back to routine after 😉 Or at least I like to pretend it does 😛 So it was, after our Easter weekend getaway in Ooty – a hill station in the Nilgiris, in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. Detailed post will follow just as soon as I can get through the ton of pictures I have to sort through. 

I must also write that this will probably be my last Monkton post for a while. As much as I enjoy them, I’ve been doing them for so long that I’ve used all of my favourite pictures and unless Mr. Monkton does a fresh lot of illustrations, I feel like I’ll be forced to repeat many of them. I’ve been toying with the idea of using illustrations from the The Happy Page while waiting for new pearls of wisdom from Mr. Monkton. I love how their minimalistic illustrations manage to convey a myriad of emotions 🙂 and they fit rather well with my Blog title and theme. Unfortunately…I can’t seem to think of a cool alliterative title (I have a thing about alliteration as far as titles go :P), so all suggestions are very welcome!

Although I’ve been away from the Blog, I’ve been busy with the camera and am still very much a part of the CameraShy Take52 Challenge. Will update those posts as well during this week. We’ve had some interesting challenges these last two weeks 🙂 And so to the start of another week, just a few days left and we’ll be in May – almost half the year done in the blink of an eye! As of now the things that occupy my mind are getting a dog (although that’s perpetually on my mind!) and our trip to Kabini in June and then Goa – for a month long break after – by which time hopefully the Monsoon will be in full swing and we’ll be rid of this wretched heat! Tomorrow, Junior has a ‘Leadership Summit’ in school – can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with 🙂 And so let me wrap up this last Monkton post with a big Thank You’ a la Monkton…To all of you for reading and for making writing a joyful experience – I’m very grateful! I hope you enjoy the Tin of Good Things 😀 


I know I will!

Happy Monday People 😀 

6 thoughts on “Monkton Mondays!

  1. Thank YOU! It’s been lovely and joyous and uplifting and fun! Will miss, but it was great while the supply lasted 🙂 🙂
    It is 41 degrees in Karachi today and my brain has officially stopped working, so you will have to come up with an alliterative title all by yourself!

    1. Thanks M 😀 It was fun na? I enjoyed myself too! He’s just so witty. I do hope he writes more soon!

      My brains are fried too M!! 38 degrees here in the Garden City :/

  2. I’ll echo M’s sentiments (which I fist mis-typed at suntiments, and almost left it because her thoughts are so sunny!) – thank YOU for writing and sharing! It is 47 degrees here today, but as we are in F and you are in C, it’s significantly cooler here than there. But it feels warm compared to other recent temps, so I’ll take it and store it in my tin of good things 🙂
    Thinking on something for a possible alliterative title, and also thinking that the Happy Page is a pretty fair place to go after Mr. Monkton. Looking forward to your photos 🙂

    1. LOL…sunny thoughts!! Who could go wrong with those?! Perhaps something with Sunny in the title? Hmmm…

      For once you’ve got temperatures I yearn for! We’ve got the whole of May and probably well into June until the Rain Gods smile…meanwhile I’m pretty much toast!!

      I love that idea of a tin of good things 🙂 Mine would probably be a trunk though coz of all the books that would need to go in!

      1. Sunny. Now you’re on to something! Could do Sunny Sundays (or Saturdays, but really, Sunny Sundays are way more fun 😉 ). There’s always Merry Mondays…

        And I cannot believe I forgot! Yes! Get a dog 🙂 We wanted one for years and waited because of the cats. Finally got Petey and have obviously been overjoyed since 🙂 I’ll have to get a trunk for my good things, too. I’m sure Petey won’t fit in a tin!

      2. OMG Heather! You did it! Merry Mondays it is 😀 I like Sunny Sundays too but I’m sure they’ll go awastin’ coz I’ll be too busy to write 😉 Thank you mon ami (y)

        Well, I just need to do some research on Kennels in the area, where we can house him when we travel, convince the Hubby…and then we’re on our way. Junior has a name already – Major! And I think he’s set his heart on a German Shepherd – you’ll have to wait for the Ooty post to see why 😛

        Petey in a Trunk?! Never!!! Petey in a Palanquin – now that’s how royalty travels 😉 😀

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