Take52 Challenge: Week 15 – Classic

The second of my catch up posts. Just one more to go and then I’ll be all caught up – fingers crossed 😛

So – Classic. A good solid word just like it’s meaning. Meant to last, perhaps outlast us all, and open to interpretation. And once again, a tough challenge for me! I did have a few ideas, but with preparations on for the long Easter weekend we had planned in Ooty – my heart wasn’t really in it and my thoughts – predictably scattered 😛 When we left for Ooty – I felt not a little disappointed about missing my first week since the Challenge began…I had so aspired to completing this one ‘come what may!’ Once we were in Ooty however, I was so enamoured of the ‘Birds & the Bees’ that it didn’t matter much anymore. How fickle our memories!

And then, whether out of desperation or inspiration…an idea struck. I would use the pictures I had and interpret them ‘classically’. Oh I know! It was a cop out of sorts…but hey I did take the pictures and see myself through one more week 😀 The resort we stayed at is a bird-watcher’s paradise! Flocks of Bulbuls, Swallows, Sunbirds, Sparrows and the elusive but stunningly pretty Oriental white-eye. And so armed with a Bird and a Bee and a little magic in Photoshop, this is what I came up with…a literal translation of the classical phrase “The Birds & The Bees”…here they both are, doing what they do best – Spreading the Love 😉


 Here are a few other ‘classic’ shots from my collection – some of which I took for the first Photography Challenge – 52 Weeks, that I was ever a part of – started by my friend A 😀 And here I am again, part of another! The circle of Life and all that 😛

What’s your kinda classic? Do share 😀

4 thoughts on “Take52 Challenge: Week 15 – Classic

    1. Thanks Julio 😊 I had fun taking that image. It was the first time I felt like a ‘propah’ photographer…using my tripod and experimenting with shutter speeds!

  1. I don’t see anything by way of copping out here. Birds and bees are classic, and I think your interpretation suits you – you know, not at all in the box, but still playing along nicely. Wish I could see that bird in my backyard! So beautiful! Wouldn’t complain about having mangoes (or avocados while I’m wishing!) either.

  2. Thanks Heather 😀 Isn’t it fantabulous? There was a flock of them and I was ‘jumping-out-of-my-skin’ excited, but they’re tough to photograph…won’t stay still they won’t! Have a ton of blurry pics to prove it too. I was lucky that this one was hungry and lingered 🙂

    Do you get Indian mangoes there? If you do…you should get the Alphonso variety. Chill, cube and devour with vanilla ice-cream! It’s a classic dessert here in season 😀 We’re in the midst of it here – Mango-season that is – and the boys are downing them at alarming rates 😛 My bad luck with local avocados continues and the imported ones are ridiculously expensive :/ Almost $20/kg….uuuuuugh!

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