Take52 Challenge: Week 19 – Pure

Once again I’m playing catch up with my posts. School is nearing its end and there seems to be a flurry of events to attend that leaves me with time for little else. As a result, I haven’t been as involved in my photography as I would like, but am happy that I have at least managed to get that one shot per week for the challenge!Β 

Pure – a word with many meanings and abstract enough to pose quite the challenge. We had a lot of baby pictures posted, because that’s what invariably comes first to mind in this polluted, complicated adult word that we inhabit – the pureness and innocence of children πŸ˜€ The light in a baby’s eyes is so clear, authentic and guileless…what could be purer? I had initially thought of water as my subject, but couldn’t make that happen to my satisfaction, which is when I thought of the ‘pureness’ of prayer and was promptly stumped by how to translate this into an image!Β 

That’s when I remembered the little angel figurine I had picked up on my visit to Phoenix in 2008. I bought it for my son, who had not yet entered our life but would soon and turn it upside-down in the best of ways πŸ™‚ He was an answer to many prayers and so the symbolism seemed appropriate! Yes I know, on occasion, the ‘sappy me’ takes over πŸ˜› So I placed a lit ‘diya’ in front of the angel, not only because Fire is the great purifier in Hindu culture butΒ also because I love diyas πŸ˜‰ And so I had my shot πŸ™‚ I like how it turned out…let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Take52 Challenge: Week 19 – Pure

  1. The black and white version draws my eye towards the reflection as part of the composition of this shot…it gets lost somehow in the colour version. But I like both πŸ™‚ The angel is adorable ❀

  2. I’m again impressed with your interpretation. The addition of the bit of fire is a nice touch. I’m biased toward color images, so that one’s my favorite πŸ™‚ Like them both!

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