NaPoWriMo – Day 6

After a wonderfully Happy Day yesterday, it’s back to routine today! How quickly the wheels turn eh?! Not that I’m complaining – a little routine never hurt anybody and is an excellent way to de-stress after a busy week. Have spent a quiet Saturday at home – lazing around, unwinding, watching TV (haven’t done that in a while!), and playing with the brand new 5-yr-old 😛

I’m so glad we decided to keep it simple for his Birthday 🙂 He’s rather a chilled out boy even though I don’t often say it out loud (you know what they say – Say it, Jinx it!), and was perfectly happy to have dinner with close family, cut a Batman cake (the one thing he really wanted), and eat as much fish as he could possibly stuff into his mouth at one time 😛 No magicians, no tattoo artists, no theme, no fancy decorations, none of the hype that seems to have taken over the Birthday Business (and that is what it’s become!), these days, certainly here in Mumbai. I did wonder about having the big celebration – we can afford it and it was his 5th Birthday after all, but every conversation I had with him convinced me that if I did go ahead, it would be more because I wanted it than he did. He didn’t care either way except for the Batman cake! In school, they have rules – nothing sweet, just fruits and if one would like to bring gifts for the children, they must be books worth not more than a hundred rupees (a minuscule amount by any standards!). I’ve heard a lot of parents complain but never the children!! They don’t seem to mind at all 🙂

I know, I know…this is supposed to a poetry post 😛 It’s just hard for me to skip the process which led to the thought which led to the poem, you know what I mean? I guess it just got me thinking about what they say, “Be the change you want to see!” I’m happy to be taking baby steps along that path 🙂 And when I remembered this picture I’d taken a couple of years ago – things just felt ordained – you know?!


And 3 CHEERS for our Children!! They at least have their priorities right! Now if only they could hold on to them when they become adults 😛

Have a Happy Sunday People 😀