Dear Sir, A tribute…

This morning brought sad news. The ex-dean of my alma mater Goa Medical College, Dr. G.J.S Abraham had passed away 😦
He passed away, from complications following bypass surgery in Bangalore. It came as a shock to us, clueless as we were about his illness. Shiva, had visited on New Year’s Day and stayed for a drink and conversation. Conversations with Sir were always stimulating! We were so looking forward to interacting with him regularly, now that we were back in Goa.
He played an important role in Shiva’s life – professor yes, but also mentor, counselor and guide. He always had clear insight and valuable advice to offer his students along with an uncanny knack for recognizing their particular strengths and weaknesses. A dapper figure, always immaculately dressed, with his crisp speech and manner; an impressive personality with his military bearing, his confidence, his knowledge and his flair.
Yes! He had flair! And we respected him, not out of fear (well maybe initially), but because we could not help but, because in him we saw a wonderful example of success, confidence and humility. He and Madame Abraham in her crisp starched cottons and perfect chignon, made quite the couple!
There never was quite another Dean like him – an exemplary teacher, role model and human being! You will be sorely missed Sir, by all those whose lives you touched and transformed. May your family find the stregth to get through these tough times.
Rest in Peace…