Monkton Mondays!

As the 2nd of May approaches, Travel is taking over my Life 😉 Are you like that too?

I LOVE traveling and so spend many happy hours dreaming of the journey ahead – the sights I’ll see, the food I’ll eat, the pictures I’ll take, the long hours of relaxation with a book and a drink 🙂 It’s a dream – so I skip over the longs lines at immigration, the hyperactive 5-yr-old boy traveling with, the jet lag, the exhaustion from sight-seeing, the one toy forgotten, which is the only one that will do…you get the picture? 😛

The key word here is ‘dream’! I’m not a very organized person (which is why I married one ;)), and packing is usually a last minute frantic exercise in gathering everything I think I need and piling it into the suitcase! I’ve gotten better at it over the years and this time I’m determined to be calm and collected and so have started getting stuff together and making piles well in advance 😛 I’ve made list of the medicines we need to take along, although of course I cannot now find it 😉 Still, I know we’ll be OK!! We always are in the end – and sometimes I think all my chaos just adds to the spirit of adventure! I’m sure Hubby doesn’t share my feelings but it’s not like he has a choice 😛

And now lets see what the inimitable Mr. Monkton has to say on the subject of Travel shall we?!

Where are we going 

LOL…that sounds so familiar 😉

Happy a Happy Week ahead People 😀 Use Maps 😉

This is how I was feeling for most of the day today…I envy Mr. Monkton for his brilliance as an artist. He can also obviously read minds…since he so clearly sees what’s in mine!

And then…he offers me a solution. Pasta’s the answer people! Now why didn’t I think of this myself? Oh the beautiful simplicity of carbohydrates 😉

Happy Tuesday People 🙂

Now you see it…

This post is just to illustrate how absent-minded and blind I can be at times…although the blindness in this case may be blamed on the article lost 😉

So here goes – I’m absent-minded at the best of times. At the worst of times, I don’t even remember that I’ve forgotten stuff, if you get what I mean, which can be rather scary. So, last week, immersed as I was in the celebrations of the Elephant God festival (if you follow this blog, you’ll know what I mean and more power to you!), I was at my forgetful best or is it worst?! Well, whichever’s right…I didn’t realize until a few days ago that I had misplaced a pair glasses. Now this in itself didn’t worry me, one ‘coz it’s a regular occurence (I’m always leaving them around the house) and two ‘coz with my characteristic optimism, I assumed I would find them soon enough (as is usual). I did a cursory search in all the usual places…bedside tables, anywhere there are books, visible shelves. No luck! Still wasn’t overly alarmed, but a little uneasy ‘coz said glasses were a new pair that hubby had managed to get for me with much difficulty from Delhi!

A short history of the glasses seems in order here (lest you think I’ve totally lost it!) – I’ve always had two pairs, one for home and one for when I’m out. All these years (have been wearing glasses since I was 10!), haven’t lost a pair and have only lost two frames through wear and tear. Enter Ishaan and suddenly nothing’s safe! In a span of a few days, he had broken both my frames!!! One of them, an expensive pair that I had had made just before leaving Singapore…sigh. My guess is he was experimenting with the stretchability of metal by trying to fit them on his pretty little head! However I did manage to salvage the expensive, photo-chromatic lenses and hoped to have them refitted. Either way…I now needed not one but two new pairs. Oh I know…I shouldn’t have left them where he could get his hands on them, I should have been more alert, I should have this and I should have that…but like I’ve made clear before…I’m absentminded and I can’t be everywhere at once! Back to the new pairs…had one made (Do you know just how obscenely expensive a pair of decent glasses can get??!! Sigh…), here in Goa, for immediate use (by immediate I mean I got them a week later!)

Then began the hunt for a new frame in which to refit the lenses. A merry chase they led me! I couldn’t find a frame in Goa. The lenses would have to be reshaped and resized and apparently that’s harder than scaling Mt. Everest!! I gave up and decided I would just get a second new pair made, but the thought of those expensive, as-good-as-new lenses, lying uselessly in a box, still rankled. This is where hubby showed remarkable and uncharacteristic intelligence (I’m being knowingly mean, ‘coz we’ve just had a non-glasses related fight!). I’m sure he did what he did ‘coz the thought of all those wasted dollars gave him sleepless nights (still being mean here!). Well, unbekownst to me, he took the lenses with him on a business trip to Delhi and managed to find a frame that was a perfect fit…an Esprit…light and cool…and surprised me on return! Miracles do happen 🙂 (He has his moments…albeit few and far between ;-)) This miraculous frame then, was the one that I could not now seem to find…I hope this helps you dear reader, understand my growing unease at the inability to find the pesky frames and my extreme reluctance to enlist hubby in the search! I didn’t think he would take kindly to me losing glasses that had been made with such effort and cost a pretty penny!

The miraculous spectacles!

In my own haphazard way therefore, I kept up the search, re-visiting every potential nook and cranny that could keep them hidden from sight, to no avail. None! The unease was now full-blown panic…but still I held my tongue and in desperation asked for divine help! We have a patron God of the lost & found in our native village and I have watched generations of women of the house invoke his help in times of need. All he asks in return is a bit of jaggery…rather cool chap! So this was the the deity I asked for help! Desperate times call for desperate measures and what’s a little jaggery?

The next day (rather clichéd I know! But true!), I was making the bed and there wedged between the wooden railing at the foot-end and the mattress, a dull brown gleam caught my eye. Maybe it was the light. I recoiled ‘coz the first thing I thought of was an insect, a cockroach’s antennae to be precise (Don’t ask me why! It’s a whole other post!), although in a while I realized the thing, whatever it was, didn’t seem to be moving. I touched the thing gingerly and pulled and there in my hand was the absconding pair of glasses!! I couldn’t believe my eyes…here they were, none the worse for the wear, undamaged despite their awkward resting place other than a little dust. I cannot for the life of me figure out how they got there and still less, how they stayed hidden when I make my bed every day (I do! I do!). The best I can do is this – I must have taken them off to read and laid them on the bed and forgotten about them being there. Then either Ishaan or I kicked them around while asleep and sent them to their strange resting place!! I’ve never found my glasses in a stranger place before 😛


I can’t believe I’ve actually got a post out of the episode! Well, all’s well…and Holy Jaggery 😉

p.s. For all those who think I have nothing better to do than photograph my glasses…I would like to say…your Right 😉 Should have taken a pic of the wrecked ones…they were a sight!

p. p. s. I’m sure you all have your own personal lost and found stories. Feel free to share 🙂