NaPoWriMo – Day 15

This is the first of my two catch up posts today and then hopefully I’ll be back on track!

I wrote this Haiku a few days ago, because I love this picture and because I love my coffee 🙂 So you can often find me, cup in hand, staring off into the distant future, oblivious to the present, happy in my daydreams 😉 But after the shocking incident at the Boston Marathon yesterday, the words took on a whole new meaning.

Those who lost their lives, those innocent people just out to fulfill an aspiration perhaps or just to have a good run…who could foretell this would be their last day on the planet? 😦 Their lives cruelly shortened by cowardice and evil (they seem to flourish in our modern day world don’t they?). My hearts goes out to them and their families 😦 Sometimes the present seems so senseless one wonders what horrors the future might hold. And sometimes I give Thanks for the not knowing coz how does one live with such knowledge and in the face of one’s own helplessness?