In Memoriam…

Today’s my brother’s birthday. He’s been gone now for 10 months and it feels strange to have his birthday upon us without him. What do we do with this day that was special only because of him?

Raspberry Cointreau Cake from the Marriot...he loved their cakes!
Raspberry Cointreau Cake from the Marriot...he loved their cakes!

To each his own I suppose – we’ve kept it simple and in the family. A chocolate cake because he adored them 🙂 A little diya and a garland for his picture, dishes he loved to eat for lunch, some laughter, a few tears and sharing happy memories…my recipe for a private remembrance.

We did put a piece in the paper, with a poem I wrote that I would like to share here. It’s called ‘Sentinel of Peace’, because that’s who he was for his family and that’s how we will remember him, everafter.

‘Sentinel of Peace’

He was a sentinel, guarding our door,

Sharing our secrets, our joys and hopes.

Holding our life in the palms of his hands,

Sheltering our dreams from stormy shores.

Together we loved, we prayed, we shared,

Together we fought, laughed and cried.

And although he’s gone, to his resting place,

His spirit surrounds us, free and alive.

So we celebrate him now, on this special day,

Our rock, our boy, our courage, our strength.

May he be happy in eternal sleep,

Gloriously shining, our sentinel of peace.

–          Harsha

It’s a tough day today with many mixed feelings and emotions running high. But I take solace in the fact that he touched the lives of so many people who remember him fondly, with love, with admiration, with respect.

What more could a sister want?

I love you bro, hamesha!