Monkton Mondays!

Another week, another Monday! I realize I haven’t posted in a while, again, but I’m past making up excuses for myself or for anyone else…it’s just the way Life gets sometimes – there are days, weeks, even months – when I stay away from the Blogosphere for no reason other than ‘no reason’. You know? I just couldn’t be bothered and there’s no deep secret as to why…it’s just because…

Other times, I can’t stay away and will abandon everything to sit and write, as if writing is the only thing that will keep me alive. Over time I’ve realized that I like to share the happy times but not the sad, and yet when I put ‘Happy’ down on the page, it often sounds mundane and boring because so much of Happiness is about context right? Can you tell I’m rambling? I am! It’s just been one of those Monday mornings when I got up with great intentions but lost steam even as the clock approached noon! Perhaps it’s because I was reading Louise Penny’s How the Light Gets In (the concluding book in her Inspector Gamache series), and was lost in the forgotten village of Three Pines that always seems to me like it Β exists somewhere on the edge of Time. A good mystery can do that me, and these days I find it so much easier to live in fiction than deal in reality.

For those of you who read the last post – there’s an update – have ‘sort of’ made up with my Mom – although not before another blowout that happened – you guessed it – last Monday. Now we’re talking to each other – carefully, delicately, probably calculatingly – weighing every word, trying to predict every reaction and just being very ‘polite’ to each other in that awful way, if you know what I mean. Denying that anything serious ever happened also helps of course! Denial is the cure for all things – at least in the short-term, until they come and bite you in the you-know-where! And they do! So until the next crisis – All’s Well. If neither of us is jumping with joy – we can always blame it on our arthritic knees – what say? πŸ˜‰

And so as usual, after another rambling post about nothing in particular, I reach the end and wonder yet again how to tie in my words with a Monkton picture. And as always, Mr. Monkton rises to the occasion. The man is beginning to frighten me with how perceptive he is! Is it even legal for men to be so smart and sensitive? πŸ˜› Since I’m feeling all pensive and rambly today, ‘A Deep Thought on Life’ seemed just the thing. This one seemed to fit my mood best…I’m sure you can see why!


Do you see now? Ever so often I’m off dancing to someone else’s drum!! How can I help it when their music seems much more appealing than mine? Even if just for a little while? And sometimes, dancing to someone else’s drum is the only way to unbreak your own πŸ™‚

Happy Monday People! Dance to music of your drums if you will, but don’t be afraid of switching from your Samba to my Tango, if that’s what gets your feet tapping πŸ˜‰

Monkton Mondays!

This Monday’s illustration caught my eye because I’ve finally finished reading the surreal, fantastical, Booker prize winner The Famished Road by Ben Okri. It’s a profound read, in some of the most gorgeous descriptive prose I have ever read, but it’s also overwhelming and at times overbearing, like Life itself!!

So it’s with a sense of relief that I read the final page and turned to Mr. Monkton who has his own take on Life matters and philosophy of the most import and thankfully doesn’t need close to 600 pages in which to present it πŸ˜›

Sometimes…a line drawing is all you need πŸ˜‰

The Meaning of Life

I rest my case!!

Have a good week ahead People πŸ˜€

Monkton Mondays!

Yup! It’s that time of the week again…the Beginning…and I’ve decided that since I love Monkton so much and think he’s a great way to start a day, a week, most things in fact; and because I love the cheesy alliteration…Mondays will henceforward be ‘Monkton Mondays’…well at least until he stops creating new stuff which I hope is a long long way away πŸ˜›

IMG_2007Before I post this week’s Monkton pearl however, let me share with you a rather startling thing that happened last evening. Ishaan and I were downstairs playing cricket and having fun as we always do, when he does all the running around ;), when there appeared a Monkey!! No!!! Really!!! Ishaan had hit the ball for a six and as I was following it in the air, there it was, a Monkey, walking along the ledge of the house next door, bold as can be! I couldn’t believe my eyes and my shrieks brought Ishaan & the watchman running over to see what had happened! Mr. Monkey meanwhile having reached the end of his jaunt, calmly leaped onto the coconut palm in our compound and then onto a fruit tree of some sort in the neighboring one, where he settled down to eat, oblivious to the curious if rather nervous observers below πŸ˜› That done, he leaped on to the wall again and disappeared from view, as suddenly as he had appeared. The whole episode was so surreal, I only believe it coz I saw it with my own eyes! How does one solitary monkey find it’s way to a Bandra neighborhood far from theΒ  National Park (here in Mumbai), or theΒ valleys and mountains, which are its natural home? I’m sure I don’t know! Ishaan was excited though and kept calling to it to come bowl πŸ˜› while I kept yelling at him to stop lest the creature suddenly obliged πŸ˜‰ Now I can’t bear to leave the windows open for fear of a Monkey invasion!!

And since Monkton is the best way I know to explain the inexplicable, here we go πŸ˜›

The madness mokey
Couldn’t find one in a larger size 😦

As I type, I remember, I’m a Monkey…well in many ways πŸ˜‰ but more specifically in a Chinese Horoscope kinda way…I was born in the year of the Monkey…that I have a rich & rare genius is obvious by the fact that I married a Rabbit πŸ˜›

Cheers to the Inner Monkey, People. Revel in it’s Genius, Glory and yes – in its Madness πŸ˜‰

Have a Great week ahead πŸ™‚