‘Silent Night’

I wrote this one late one night, when for a change, I wasn’t sprawled in front of the TV watching inane hindi serials!

Instead I allowed silence to envelop me in its magical embrace and took a leap of faith.

And so now I truly believe…Silence is golden…

‘Silent Night’

I sit silent in the night,
Watching the starry skies.
It’s a beautiful still night,
And the world it seems is quietly resting…

But Mother Nature works on…
Softly swaying trees, reaching ever upward to the sky,
Rustling leaves singing songs to the wind,
Sleepy flowers dreaming of a fruitful tomorrow,
Deep roots, drawing their strength from the depths of the earth,
Travelling farther from home each day.
The night brings them no rest…

Far away the stars shine brightly,
Hurling flames of fire into space,
The moon appears calm and serene,
But what do we know of the upheavals on her face?
I spot Mars, but a red dot in the sky,
How far away he is and yet how closely he seems to watch!
The night brings them no rest…

All over the world there is a hush of peace,
Babies sleep while parents watch,
Parents sleep while babies dream,
Until a cry or dream awakes them both,
And starts again their cycle of life.
The night brings them no rest…

The force works silently through the night,
The heartbeat of this sleeping world,
Moving mountains, flooding rivers,
Carrying hope, spreading seeds,
Bringing moonshine and dreamless sleep,
Come morning, it brings us Joy,
New possibilities to enjoy,
Faith and Hope
Grief and Joy

All through the silent night,
This force of LIFE, keeps us alive.

– Harsha